Replace T1 with T4 engine, work involved

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  1. I am contemplating replacing my 1600 with a 2000 T4 and would like to know whats involved. In particular whether the gearbox would need replacing and if I need to modify any of the engine bay panels. I am sure much of what I need to know is scattered across TLB but I have not been able to find it yet. So grateful for any help and direction. I want some more power and to preserve Historic Vehicle status, hence sticking to air-cooled correct period engine.
  2. Depending on the year there are no changes to engine bay required and you could use the same gearbox but the ratios would not be ideal. Why not just make the type 1 bigger?
  3. Zed


    Pre 75 buses are a squeeze with a few minor problems
    Not sure of exact dates, but any buses that have a small bracket instead of the earlier 3rd outrigger at the back had the deeper bell housing will be easy.
    You have to cut off your air filter stand.
    6 rib box has the correct gearing.
  4. Won't you also need a set of type 4 tinwear and thermostat? Some pieces are not easy to come by in good condition
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  5. You can use the three rib box if it’s post 75 with the deeper bell housing but you’ll need the longer input shaft or you can machine the flywheel for the needle roller bearing.
  6. Longer term you are replacing a cheaply replaceable engine with one which is less cheaply replaceable. The engine bay and cooling vents on the late bay are basically ready for a T4 engine.
    But is your credit card ?
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    Fair point but who owns a bay to save money?
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  8. Many thanks, mine van is a 79 with a CU (76-79) gearbox so I feel a bit more comfortable with the information kindly provided above. The 2lt unit I am looking at has no manifolds/carbs/tinwear so comments re unavailability noted. The option of upgrading my T1 is a good point and I might go that way. Grateful for any other tips/suggestions etc.
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    For that reason when I did the swap I bought a complete gamble engine with one of everything. Even a completely knackered one can provide a wealth of parts to bolt onto a good one. I rebuilt the engine into a bigger one but getting all those parts would have been hard work and expensive to amass piecemeal. Still had to replace a few bits of tin but that's easier than getting a whole set - when I had it powder coated IIRC the were more than 40 pieces with the heating parts included.
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  10. Thanks again Zedders, I will take your advice and pass on this E-bay listing which is basically a long block, perhaps it will go to a home where it can be used as as a unit for reconditioning.
    Its here and got an hour to run if there are any interested parties online.
  11. Martin.

    I have a 2.0ltr type 4 and a 6 rib coming out week after next for a Subaru swap. The engine needs work, but nothing you can't do. It's complete, all tinware, exhaust, J-tubes etc etc.

    Give me a ring.

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  12. Many thanks Paul, sounds like a good plan.
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  13. That is your best bet if you really want a T4. My bus has always had a T4 in it and I still had a long parts hunt due to stuff I tossed in my younger days, broken stuff, etc.
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