Renegade Dubbers first trundle out Norfolk

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  1. well what started as a small band of misfits has developed into a bit of a club. So yesterday we took a trundle from Norwich to Cromer meeting over buses there for s picnic it was a lovely day . Fellow admins @Millie and Joolz were awesome as always.

    Our first pub meet is from 7 pm on the 13th of May at the Blackhorse Earlham Road Norwich , pictures to follow when my uploaded works again :(
  2. We , Renegade Dubbers have kicked off big time and it is looking like we are a proper 'club' we now have over 300 members , merchandise ....and well a static meet and runs out as well as club camping !

    My uploader is still playing up , but for those of you Norfolk based have a look at our Facebook page, fun friendly group. :)

    @dave in norfolk , @SkutterBob , @Millie :)
  3. Just sent a join request - May be able to join you in a run or meet when the bus is operational.
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  4. Look forward to it , will save you a sticker ;)
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