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  1. I like nothing more than turning up to a beautiful quite campsite and turning my stereo upto ELEVEN. And get the party started.

    so im considering a blurtooth headset (music controlled from phone) and making the speakers so i can move them to outside of the bus.
    Anyone done something like this? thinking a subbox which is also a cubby box between the front two seats which will also house amp and then some retro style 90’s all in one speakers???
  2. Is that you spoiling the peace of the countryside

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  3. Move to Liverpool then you'll have a removable sound system trouble is you won't be removing it and you won't be getting it back:p
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  4. Terrible thing to say Baz! Of course you'll get it back!

    You'll find it in Cash Converters a few days later...
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  5. Got one called a blockrocker. The first one was 50W and the second one was 100W plus it’s waterproof or showerproof and it’s got two circleeey bits on top to put your Stella. Maplins used to sell them. Good for fifty to seventy hours and you can charge your phone and stuff from them too. Biggish but has two wheels and a pull up handle small suitcase styleee. Has Bluetooth, and USBs , and a radio.
    Have a look on utube for camper life tv meets ozzy the dog, thats me being interviewed and the blockrocker is in front of me and that’s what the tunes are playing on :)
    Interview was about an hour, reasonably interesting after they edited it to five minutes :);):)

    .Ozziedog,,,,,,The mutts :)
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