Remember the good old days when we had ......

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  1. Pay and PlayBook correct Sir
  2. You forgot to add “and Victoria was on still on the frone gawd bless ‘er n no mistake guvnor”
  3. So although the amounts are different to today, on those prices if you had 2 pints a night 3 times a week or bought your mates a round you were skint come Friday. Much like now only the prices and wages have gone up. Nostalgia has a funny way of making you forget the bad stuff and remember only the good.
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  4. Was that Tony Fry , the Owner was Deaf ?

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  5. PIE


    Left Right Check 1 2, 2 3 up 2 3 down 2 3 up 2 3 down 2 3 about 2 3 in 2 3 left right

    as I remember?
  6. Mrs P lived in a huge flat in Du Cane Court on Balham High Rd when we met - shared with three other girls. Used to love staying over- all very Man About The House !
  7. 1982 - YTS at the local Skill Centre. £25 a week, deducted £2 for dinner in the canteen. Gave mam £8 for housekeeping, saved £7 and had the last £8 to run a Vespa 50 Special and football and a night out on Saturdays. Skint by Monday.
  8. AWESOME!!! Nipping upt Coop as we speak.
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  9. They can be peeled in other ways too:D
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  10. but he did nt peel in in his pocket with 1 hand , i bet you can barney , am not saying you tight or nothing :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::p
  11. You couldn’t be further from truth Owen , I don’t hold the bar door open :p
  12. barney its all in the crack as we irish say lol
  13. You ain’t seen mine:D
  14. When i got married in 1979 we looked at buying a flat in Du Cane Court it was going for £28K it was a right Marmite hole, it belonged to an elderly lady who had moved in when they were built, it must be worth nearly a £million now, I love the look of the Art Deco buildings,
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  15. I reckon the four bedroom one she lived in would be well over a million now, Balham is desirable now, but still on the arse end of the Northern line! Christine Keeler (The Profumo Affair) lived their and they use it for period location filming like Poirot.
    Got my car 'removed' from the High Road outside and had to pay £175 release charge from Wandsworth Council compound, which in 1992 pretty much cleaned me out.

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