Remember the good old days when we had ......

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  1. 416C2E8D-3E20-4626-9BD8-FAE9A73378C3.jpeg Real money of our own at the end of the week , and banks were greatful if you saved any of it .:D:eek:
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    £2 fora weeks work.. imagine that, you would need 3 weeks wages t buy a fish supper now ...

    My first wage as an apprentice motor mechanic was £15, and that went up to £35 when I was time served .. We used to earn the same again at the weekend moonlighting lol.. Cash was king..
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  3. i bet you can peel an jaffa with one hand while its in your pocket lol
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  4. Remember the good old days when we had ...... Hair
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  5. My only cash pay packets were as a student in the 60s - worked in a TV/record shop in Bootle for £3 a week (cash on Saturday at 5pm - no tax) and on the post office sorting office in Liverpool at Xmas I managed £20/week after tax on nights with the cash at the end of the week in an envelope with holes in. .
  6. Still got mine
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  7. You'd make a lovely pet
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  8. Remember the good old days,when kids walked around with rickets
  9. Remember the good old days when dogs were allowed in pubs and kids stayed outside Oh yes please bring it back
  10. Are you related to Bazza?
  11. When you went in front of the magistrates for swearing loudly in the High Street.

    When a 10 year old could walk into Woolies and buy a 6 inch long razor sharp fishing knife for 50p.

    I did one of the above.
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  12. kids getting locked in thrown away fridges, happy days .... :)
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  13. Did you see 3d national insurance too :D:eek:
  14. :eek: I can peel one to make the peel look like a little man with his parts out

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  15. Everyone’s talking about the good old days, the good old days....

    Memories, like the corner of my mind
    Misty water coloured memories, of the way we were.

    Ooh I just got a Gladys knighty.
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  17. I used to work in a chippy peeling spuds and chipping them for 35p an hour on Saturdays in 1974/5, I did get fed though. My first full time job in a garage in 1976 was £20 a week, I gave my mum a fiver, filled up my Yamaha Fizzy, bought 10 No.6 a day, went to the pub every night and was down to coppers in my pocket by Friday - happy days.
  18. Luckily I was similar but didn’t smoke so I was minted :D
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  19. I remember the days when dating girls was a challenge

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  20. I remember when power tools didn’t exist on building sites and you never saw a lardy tradesmen. Come back peace work

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