Reggae Thread?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack Tatty, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. They were quite good in their day, as white boys playing reggae. Thought they'd vanished.
  2. How did I miss that there was a TLB reggae thread?! Will be heading back to page one this evening for a listen!
    Until then, and apologies if anyone has posted it already, probably my favourite song ever....
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  3. It's quite an oldish thread but it splutters back to life every now and again :thumbsup:
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  4. Yeah , it's bad n'est pas? The title is pretty rubbish too :D
  5. Almost reggaed out after going through all that!

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  6. My dad was in the Brixton riots, not on this side though.....

  7. Not bad for a cover, nice authentic sound on this production.

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  8. Favourite tune at the moment...that will do me!

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  9. One of the wierdest songs of all time, but it's hypnotising isn't it? John Holt could sing anything and make it good. :)
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  10. .......Some good tunes on here now I've got through all 15 pages (shame some of the links at the beginning are long defunked though!) :)
    To add a few of my favourites to the collection:

    and the title track from one of my Top 10 LP's...
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  11. One of my favourites
  12. Nice bit of fun this one,worth a listen to the end
    RIP smiley
  13. Does it make me a bad person if I say I don't like Reggae
  14. Your Honour, I was inside de closet, minding I was my own biz ness

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Pluto,,, me thinx
  15. Yes! Now go and stand in the TLB naughty corner and have a long hard think about what you've done until Bern or Terrordales say you can come out again :mad:
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  16. Yep, love it :thumbsup:
  17. Me too. Saw Bob Marley and Culture and Aswad back in the day, and still can't stand it.
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  18. OK still thinking - best I can do is say that UB40 are OK ish - now it's back to my Hendrix, Led Zepp, Metallica, AC/DC stuff.

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