FOR SALE Refurbished 1976 LHD Westfalia (lots of extras)

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    I've had a few viewings and the consistent feedback is that the interior is not up to scratch for the price being asked. We spent cash on the mechanics and with boisterous kids didn't want to spend too much tarting up the interior beyond putting some extra storage in, changing the front seats and adding curtains. If was planning to hold onto the van I would probably have gone for a new R&R bed and replaced the flooring (currently vinyl). I've reduced the price accordingly to £16,500 ono. The important details is that this bus is mechanically sound, runs well and you don't have to disclocate your arm and neck parking thanks to the power steering and rear sensor (when you only weigh 54kg this is important!!). Make me a sensible offer, the bus is stored under cover in Chichester and needs to be driven, not gathering dust and, if I can be brutally honest, I have hungry mouths to feed here and serving my kids bus parts is not going to cut it. I wish things were different, I wish I could hold on to Charlie and give him the brand spanking new interior he deserves but I can't and I really want him to go to a new home for more adventures......

    Sadly it’s the end of an era. My late husband was an active member on this forum when we acquired Charlie, sharing pics of the work that was being done and asking advice.

    After he died of cancer I received a lot of support from here encouraging me to drive the bus and overcome my fears. This gave me to courage to get out in the bus and we’ve had lots of adventures, mainly to Festivals and over to France .

    But now beloved Fun Bus needs a new home. The children have grown up and we just don't use him as much as we used to . It's time for him to go to a new home for more adventures. As you can see from the pics we have done lots of work to the bus over the years. It's a LHD Westfalia and I have the orginal "Birth Certificate" from the Westfalia factory. The bus was built in 1976 and shipped to the Netherlands. In 2006 a new conditioned engine was fitted and since then it has only done 56K miles. We acquired it in 2011 (I believe we are only the third owners as we bought him from good friends) and in 2012 had it stripped down to the bare metal and resprayed in an authentic VW colour called Reed Green. We have fitted: new pop-top canvas, driver and passenger seats (out of a Saab), many new mechanical parts (alternator, gear brushes recently), power steering conversion, immobiliser & alarm, rear parking sensors, leisure battery with interior lights, CD/Radio with blue tooth and USB. The underside is solid. I fitted a kitchen unit (without cooking facilities as I don't want to cook inside). There is a full width rock and roll bed and a double bed in the roof, so sleeps four. No MOT or TAX needed as it's a vintage vehicle, sailed through it's last MOT last year and had a full service last Sept with an oil change (only done two trips since the last service). I’ll MOT it for sale. Comes with a bike rack that fits onto the tow bar at the rear, the drive away awning and a full winter cover for storage. I have recovered the rear bench in canvas and there are three seatbelts. We have spent thousands restoring and maintaining Charlie over the years, with TLC and careful over-wintering he will keep his value , this is a very sought after model of Bus. I have a pile of receipts and certificates to show how much has been done and as mentioned he comes with lots of extras. Contact me if you are interested or would like a test drive.Im in SW London.Near Wimbledon (BUS IS IN CHICHESTER UNDER COVER)


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  2. sorry Steph, I should have reed your advert!!!
  3. Lovely looking bus. GLWS
  4. That looks a cracking bus.
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    Lovely bus. Good luck with the sale. :)
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    Hi @Andyswife. Quick thread hijack! I remembered when you first posted on the forum after your husband, Andy had died and just went back through and started re reading your blog. I also then also remembered about Daisy.

    Have you just completed your sponsored ride? I got confused with that dates. You should put a link on here. Cheers Alex
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  7. Lovely - hope it sells well for you :thumbsup:

  8. Hi @Andyswife is it a 2 ltr engine and does it have a servo?
  9. Hi - yes, I did it and got the London Classics medal for doing the 10 Mile Ride, 2 mile swim and marathon! I came off the bike at mile 90 but got back on again and finished the race. Still got a bruise, 6 weeks later! My blog is if anyone wants to know more about my very complicated life (and please buy my book, the royalties are how I make money!!!)
  10. Hi - sorry for the lack of response, I wasn't getting notifications, if you DM me I'll give you the details of the mechanic who did the resto and who is now storing it for me until sold
  11. Still for sale. DM for details as it's now in dry storage in Chichester
  12. Hello Andyswife, you've got a DM ;-)
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  14. Read the first post.
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    Different Andy ;)
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  16. It’s stored with Andy now, he refurbed it and has serviced it
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    He’s pretty good :D
  18. It’s a lovely bus Good luck with the sale.

    Best regards Geord.

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  19. still for sale...I know it's not the best time of the year for selling a bus but just thought I'd keep you all updated. In Chichester for viewings.
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  20. 20k?
    Advertise it in America.

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