FOR SALE REDUCED Any MG owners Or others? , chrome luggage rack.

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Barneyrubble, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Know anyone ? Got this luggage rack for sale , could be modded to fit another vintage vehicle quite easily ? Bottom pic shows fitting too the MGTC ( real bargain ) , £60 posted hermes or collection Herne Bay .
    B9AF6D3E-15A4-41DF-9D55-553A57D6EE73.jpeg 446037E6-E611-4D85-BC86-277E23B2D93A.jpeg F8221266-C00C-4175-ACB9-707B27D12581.jpeg maybe even fit over camper rear spare wheel ?
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  2. I'll ask around our club (West Lancs MG)
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  3. Don't, what ever you do, use Hermes.
  4. Thanks :thumbsup: you never know . I was going to convert it to a more popular model but seems a shame to cut and molest :)
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  5. have used them loads of times and touch wood they have been fine . I always take to hermes shop, where you get receipt and tracking number , person receiving can opt to add where they want it left and photo if reqd . Insurance optional over £20 . :thumbsup:
  6. Ask @dustrat
  7. How many times has he used them ? Can depend on local deliverer .
  8. Well certainly don't use them to deliver anything to Edinburgh :rolleyes:
  9. Arrrrrr welll it’s a long way init :D
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  10. Nah, just 40 minutes down the road:D
  11. Love the you own this one?
  12. Na fraid not , but they do amazingly go quite reasonable compared to some others .
  13. Still available , now £50 posted :thumbsup:
  14. Sorry Barn - asked at meeting on Tuesday and all the T type owners in our club have luggage racks on theirs
  15. Hi bud no worry’s , thanks for asking . I may try a redesign with it , now that I’ve finished tidying my garage over the last 6 months or so :eek: . Hope your well have a good weekend :thumbsup:

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