Recommendations for rear wheel arch

Discussion in 'Panels, seals, doors etc' started by 79westy, May 4, 2020.

  1. Just wondering, I know about Just Kampers & VW Heritage, are their panels ok? Any recommendation for someone else?
  2. I would go A H Schofields for panels every time
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  3. I'd second Schofields.
    If it's the outer arch you're referring to then it's the same Klokker panel from all suppliers. They're not the best panel but seem to be the only option for late bays at the moment.
  4. Horrible things. Definitely one panel to use at little of as possible! It's not just the poor shape, the steel is soft. Cheap process, flimsy panel.

    Klockker. Spit. Their front arches are even worse, I banged one into place with the heel of my hand and put a whacking great dent in it!
  5. Thanks, yes it is the outer arch, so are you saying Schofields panels are the same as JK etc?
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  6. Yeap.
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  7. Whats the £70 jobbies that JK sell like ?
  8. Don't know, I just know they're for early bays.
  9. That won't help then will it lol
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  10. I'd hazard a guess that they're the ones that Autocraft make. If they start making late ones then that'd make repairing these a much nicer job.
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  11. Maybe a bit late, but Schofields replied an email to me when I asked why their rear arches are more ecpensive than the rest, apparantly their latest arches have been pressed better. I have recently fitted one these but it was 5 maybe 6 years ago since I did the other side so can't remember if it was different :(
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  12. My van's in for work atm, including the wheel arch, I used JK panels in the end, the guy working on it was happy with the quality, although I ended up buying two panels to form the outer & inner arch.
  13. I bought a canvas from Schofields, flipping expensive!!

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