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  1. When we bought our awning we were aware that it didn't come with a groundsheet and planned to get one at a later date. After RTTH we decided we definitely need one ASAP (way too much cow poo [​IMG]) but now I don't know what to get.

    It says the awning needs a 300 cm x 300 cm ground sheet but what sort do you get? There's so many to choose from from breathable to Eco mats :dizzy:

    Can anyone please recommend one to me please? Ideally not very expensive :))
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    If you go on eBay and search breathable groundsheet you should see what we use and it is a great solution (most of them end in 'tex'). You can order them cut to your size
  3. Brilliant, thank you, I didn't know you could cut them! :thumbsup:

    Would we need any kind of pegs to stake it down do you think?
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  5. This is what I will be ordering for a fair weather groundsheet-

    It gives the impression of a nice Indian rug, which is very hippie-chic with old VW buses, plus they're dirt cheap. There are hundreds to chose from. Some even have jungle scenes or even photos of Betty Page, James Dean, etc,...
    You can pick up an eyelet kit at any sewing or hobby shop. They're a snap to put on. Stake it down & Bob's yer uncle. ;)

    I ordered one already, but it came in the wrong color. It's a poly-cotton blend so it will have some durability. They really are beautiful too. Mine came in deep rich yellows. It would clash with my bus, but I kept it anyway. It's on my bed now.
  6. For what it's worth, Outwells come with a zipped-in ground sheet, Khyams, as far as I know, do not.
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    A waterproof one is usually quite good. Ask Syd ;)

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