Rear tin support?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by CollyP, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Morning all!

    the rear tin (closest boot engine lid) appears to be flapping in the wind.
    This has resulted in the foam falling down, some of which has burned off on the exhaust! :rolleyes:

    To what should it be attached, and how?
    advice and pics please.

    Also, the foam was a little crumbly - any recommendations on replacement?

    type 1 engine.

  2. Pics ?????

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  3. I'm the one who wants pics!! :)
  4. Can you send a pic too CollyP :thumbsup: Foam surround i think is cheap ...when old like you say can turn to a sort of crumbly dust .
    Must have a tin screw come loose ...get a new one find where the captive nut is on the tin and should be Bob's your uncle
  5. Need to see if something missing in order to advice ........ do as your told Lefty

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  6. Surely you must have loose screw Knocking about ;)
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  7. 35C777DB-6B94-40EC-8066-7D83B7F68EA7.jpeg F2C33B28-A1E2-4E17-928A-29E66F1CF317.jpeg EA2DB9A1-CB9F-4C1D-B56F-C9DE6C6C75BF.jpeg

    I suspect there should be a bracket connecting the exhaust to the underside of the tin in the last photo.
  8. done
  9. Nope no bracket. Just about 10 screws along the front
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  10. It’s the snugg fitting intact foam that stops the front edge flapping about which helps stop vibration from engine to rear tin init .
  11. screws?
  12. Yes there should, 211-198-505
    Try VWH or autocraft
  13. great - thanks!
  14. View attachment 79653

    Now, does it look like there was a bracket but it has been removed recently???? :rolleyes:
  15. Move the back edge of the tin up until it lines up with the lip on the frame surrounding the engine.
    Then do up the screws. There should not need to be anything other than screws near the front edge of the tin holding it up.
    Holes were originally for a lovely tin and asbestos heat shield above the exhaust. Was never originally bolted directly.

    This shows the one screw furthest back beside the corrugated pipe .
  16. Thanks Mike, I have those. It is strange that the rear is left dangling. That is a lot of overhang to be just supported by the seal.
  17. It does flap about a bit, but a new engine seal is usually elastic enough to stay put, unless there is something like a wobbly alternator pulley shaking it about.
  18. I think my seal is too crispy to hold it. At Keith's field it was noted that the engine does wobble a bit.
    I have already ordered the brackets and a foam seal from Heritage. Let's see how that works out :)
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  19. davidoft

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    They did originally have brackets, only seen a couple of sets fitted though think they go from the exhaust to those 2 screw holes
  20. Cheers - I will fit them and see. It looks too coincidental to be a coincidence :)
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