Rear Tent

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    None of the picture links work :(
  3. Fixed now
  4. I really like this. Do you think they do them in silver grey?
  5. Looks like a great bit of kit. From the same website. What is this

    Translation comes back as "extremely rare item used but in very good condition Colour: Black using this section, a double front seat mounted on a bus with cone"

  6. I've emailed these tonight to see if they sell a complete tent.
  7. Please keep me informed on this, I want one. In jaffa!
  9. I never bought one in the end as the price was obscene & it meant drilling & fixing rails to the outside of the bus. :(
  10. .
  11. How much did they want?
  12. Thanks - that is probably more than I want to spend…!
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    @baghead bought one and fitted it, there's a review on the site somewhere.
  14. Anyone know how the supports fold up inside the back....don't need a tent but would be handy for a big shelf for cooking outside with the tailgate open

    suppose it's pretty easy to make up...I'd be tempted to use cables, so you can roll 'em up and stash them somewhere
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    tagged you baggy's post
  16. I reckon this would be d.i.y'able without loads of effort....looks like something that's very simple in essence but has been over complicated and over engineered to justify the pricetag tbh lol
  17. So tempted to have a go... (when the rest of the bus is done!). Reckon you could fit a rear-facing rock and roll seat behind the front bulkhead, another in the usual place, some hooks for a table to hang between the two when in "bed" mode and have a 12ft long bed ;-)
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