Rear brake compensating valve leaking

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  1. Please can anyone offer any help/ advice. Following on from my dodgy rear brakes and a leaking master cylinder I’ve also noticed a very very slight drip from the compensating valve when the pedal is pressed really hard. Is there a way of rebuilding these as I’m pretty sure they are NLA! thanks in advance!
  2. Yes NLA, but you can fit the later T25 one which is still available with a bit of tweaking of the brake lines.
    Brake compensator.jpg
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  3. Nice one! Is it a bolt on job?
  4. No, strap on.
  5. Ok thanks @snotty so I just make up a strap to fit onto the existing chassis mount or is there a correct bracket?
  6. It was a bad joke, actually. I'd imagine it's bolted on like the old one.
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  7. Haha! Get it! Sorry it is late and well past my bedtime just trying to get this all sorted so I can take my kids away in the bus they think will always live in the shed!!! I will get my sense of humour back once I finish the van!!
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  8. Does it matter which way round the pipes connect on the old style one?
  9. Guessing, but I'd imagine so, as the thing effectively has an input and a regulated output (and a ball on a spring).
  10. Bu99er. It's really not obvious.
  11. BrakeBiasValve_zps95aee2b7.jpg
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  12. Could you not swop it out for a new adjustable version ... wilwood do one ? Not ideal and would need setting up but is an option ....
    I’m fitting a wilwood one to the 914
  13. Parts god @davidoft has one so just got to wait and see if he can find it in time!
  14. I’ll check out the wilwood one, do you have a link please Steve?
  15. @Skyelectrix electrix, strip it and clean it and reseal, it will be fine. i did that to mine and Simon @1973daisey has just done his.
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  16. Yes ASAP mine was for ages eventually the ball bearing locked up jamming back brakes on after a few miles [​IMG]
    Half hour job just bleeding brakes

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  17. Iv now got actual brakes makes a huge difference

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  18. I took mine apart and cleaned it made a big difference the amount of gunk in it was unbelievable.
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  19. How is this resealed? New o ring thingy?
  20. i tok mine apart and the gasket was still intact so used a bot of gasket sealer thin smear on both sides and put it back together. been fine ever since, 9 years ago!!

    i thin there are pictures in my build thread

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