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  1. So I’ve taken chilli on his maiden voyage and I’ve got a sticky rear brake.
    I’ve slacked off the handbrake and removed the drum and I can see I’ve fitted the distance bar the wrong way round duh! Also the drum is rubbing on the back plates in a few places.

    I’ve refitted the shoes but the Trouble is I’ve got the shoes backed right off and I’m still getting binding. Does this mean the drums are distorted or have I got the wrong shoes!!! They are the type with the handbrake lever already attached.

    Here is how I had the shoes fitted

    And how I’ve got them now

    Is this correct?

    Thanks guys (and girls)!
  2. Don’t know ,, that’s my answer, but what I do when I’m adjusting on my Early I slacken everything back and slacken the handbrake cables right off loose too, then I get them drums on and adjusted then I adjust the hand brake cables on the lever.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, tis a little different to a late perhaps :)
  3. Thanks Ozzie, yeah that’s what I’ve done but still tight! I’ve been scratching me bonce this evening and searching for a solution but the only thing I can think of is the drums are warped or there is pressure in the hydraulic system. So I think I’ll order some drums ready but also I think I might open the bleed nipple on the wheel cylinder to see if that helps..
  4. I once thought my drums might be warped. There was plenty of metal on them so I took them to a machine shop. It was going to be cheaper to get them skimmed than replaced, but the shop measured them and showed me they were OK.

    Just a pair of calipers run round the inside will give you an idea if they’re distorted.

    It was the handbrake sticking on in my case.
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  5. Something is wrong the top return spring should not be at that angle.
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  6. The return spring looks okay in the top pic but in the bottom pic the ends of the spring are twisted.

    The pistons look slightly extended to me; did the pistons retract when you opened the bleed nipple? Did you fit a replacement master cylinder without checking the pushrod clearance?
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  7. I think that brake cylinder maybe looks too long.. is it the correct part ?

    Picture from

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  8. I’ve looked at the handbrake mechanism and it’s not right. I bought the shoes with the linkage ready fitted but they are not very good and the rivets seem tight. I’ve ordered new shoes with separate handbrake arms and pins etc. Thanks for the info.
  9. Thanks guys, yeah checked pushrod clearance when refitting. I fitted the rear drums up quite some time ago and I’m starting to remember that I wasn’t too happy with the fitting kit. When I refitted them last night they didn’t seem right and it was a right struggle! Im sure the locating pins/springs are too short as well. I’ve ordered a complete rear drum rebuild kit complete with new drums so I’m just going to start from scratch I think. I’ve also got a bit of a leak at the master cylinder which also hasn’t done any miles! I’ve previously replaced both brand new brake switches as they were leaking, with genuine Vw ones, but it seems to be coming from the reservoir seals. So I’m pretty pee’d off with spending good money on a load of Marmitee parts! Needless to say a new best quality master cylinder is on its way too! I really need to get the bus ready for the magic 6 weeks of kids holidays and I really don’t want to take any chances with the brakes. Many thanks for the advice guys I’m probably going to need more over the next couple of days!!
  10. Thanks mike I’ll check when the new wheel cylinders turn up.
  11. Well in my case I was supplied with cables off an early model but my bus was a 79.They fitted and the brakes came on but they tended to stay on because the return springs were too short.
  12. sort the rear compensating valve out and i bet this will be sorted too
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  14. Its not worth worrying about the springs and retainers holding the pads to the backing plate. Once the drum is on its almost impossible for the shoes to be other than parallel to the drum inner surface.
    I bet the handbrake looks wrong too because of the cylinder being slightly too long.
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    Jack the van up, press brake hard as you can for 30 seconds, try to turn the wheel, what’s it do? Then same again but crack off the bleed nipple, what’s it do ?

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