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  1. as in I smell one.

    eBay 122037043153

    10k for a 2009 Danbury Brazilian.

    Listed by someone who only joined eBay this year, who has no feedback at all. Who lives in Scotland and is prepared to deliver. Oh and no reserve.
  2. Also just realised all the pics appear to be taken at a dealer as there's another Brazilian and a splitty in the background.
  3. Sounds expensive to me for a Brazzy......
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  4. There are scammers out there, be careful. Next time, please post the link and not the ebay number.
  5. 21Window

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    I loved the van so much especially the fridge I just asked if they'd accept£18k for a quick sale - being approx £8k over the asking price I expect to be back here showing off my new pics of my lovely bus :)

    Hopefully @Lord Congi that fridge is included...
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  6. Its a bargain! Price dropped from £32,995 to £10,150 from Durham to Paisley.
  7. It is a nice fridge though. I'm tempted!

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