R9 fuel pipe breaking up

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  1. Decided to give the bus a once over at the weekend, went to take out the spark plugs leaning over the engine I could smell petrol checking the fuel pipe noticed that it was cracked badly and starting to break up causing the fuel to escape,
    It is the R9 as recommended dated 2010 ,
    I have removed it all and bought some bio fuel pipe which is good for 100% ethonal hopefully this should last longer, cost a small fortune,

  2. I've used the bio fuel line in my bus.
  3. where did you get the pipe from ?

    there are r9 copies on ebay
  4. I used Pete at VW aircooled works for mine. He'll be trading with us at the volksworld show
  5. My R9 came from one of the main Volkswagen parts suppliers, can't remember which one ,
    My bio pipe came from a firm at South Woodham Ferris, reciept is in garage will get it later and put address on here,

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    I wonder how good this "Bio fuel pipe" is. R9 was recommended as up to the job and in the last few weeks all I've seen is threads about it only lasting a year!
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  7. so if you go out and buy a new car , what grade of fuel pipe do the manufacturers use ?
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    Who knows!
  9. Typical now I've just changed mine. Bought the majority of it from volksbits online. I will wait for the debate before replacing my tank sections.
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  12. beats me why everyone doesn't just buy cheap R6 and replace it every 12 months? (and use proper hose clips....)
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    Perhaps because the permittivity of R6 to Ethanol is high so fuel will leach out of the hose even though there isn’t an obvious leak. R6 also degrades very quickly and changing it at one year intervals may not be often enough.

    And the using the correct SIZE of hose clips is more important than the type - we have probably all seen worm drive clips that are far too large for the hose with a long part of the band through the worm.
  14. Was waiting for that;)
  15. I doubt whether R6 would leach UK pump quality unleaded after 12 months, but you could well be right...one thing you can bank on: the consumer would be the last to be told about it....:rolleyes:
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    Can anyone see the problem with using hose to ISO 7840 A1

    I had to change all the flexy lines on the boat this year to comply with the Boat Safety Scheme for fire retardant fuel hose.

    This is fire resistant and certified for petrol, diesel and bio-diesel for marine use. The A1 has a better standard of permeability than A2 and is also oil resistant.

    Not sure about the grail of 5.6mm for non FI engines but is available in 6mm. What do you all think?
    If the OD is OK I will use this on our bus for the small bits of flexy on the FI engine.
  17. just had a quick read for the spec and it's US Coat Guard and International Marine.....I'd imagine it's going to be pretty substantial

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