R.I.P. Jack Charlton

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  1. Bobby’s big brother. The two of them in the World Cup. Legend :hattip:
  2. RIP big Jack
  3. Oh No! Another legend gone. Good memories of the 1960s footballing exploits. RIP Jack.
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    RIP big Jack, always the more interesting of the Charlton brothers.
  5. RIP Big lad :(

    Once saw him at a sportsman dinner and he told the story about losing his world cup medal, then finds it months later when he's showing off one of his guns.
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  6. A legend of the era - RIP ..

  7. Back when football was good.
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  8. Poptop2

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    Yeah RIP orr kid.

    Top, top man. A sad loss :(
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  9. PIE


    Once went fishing on the Blackwater in Ireland, we went to a pub and they had a cheque on the wall signes by him, said One of the best pubs I have drank in on it, turns out that quite a few pubs had them, all on the wall, none cashed????
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    RIP Jack
  11. Legend.
  12. RIP big fella. Proper legend :(

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