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  1. You know those things that sort of vibrate in your hand. They’re great with the little saw blades, but have you tried them with the sanding attachment? A few minutes of sanding and the paper becomes unstuck, and slides off. Very frustrating :(
  2. I have a 500 watt ish mains powered McAlister one from B&Q. Havent noticed the sanding pad come off yet, but mostly used it for hacking up plywood repairing a boat. Its a bit bigger than an angle grinder.
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  3. Yours must be bigger than mine. Although it is a McAlister from B&Q. But only as big as a small angle grinder. Very useful tool though. :thumbsup:
  4. Not had a problem with my Draper one.
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  5. Makita cordless ones fine.:D
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  6. Cordless Dewalt fine too
  7. Got cordless and mains Bosch ones and they're fine too.
  8. Corded dewalt is ok

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  9. Must be me then :(
  10. No, to be fair sometimes the pad on the sander loses its hooks and if the paper isn't very fluffy it does come adrift easily. I think that it's a combination of not very good pads and papers, turning the speed up and pressing hard.
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  11. Ditto ... multi tool ... a very useful bit of kit
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  12. Ear defenders a must!

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  13. BUGGER,,, I’ve never had one of these and now I’m busy trying to invent a job where I just have to have one, and this is just three weeks after I’ve cleared my garage out and all my that’ll come in handy one day things and I’m sure I can make something with those brackets eventually type of stuff and now I’ve got a bit of space and I haven’t bought any tools for over THREE YEARS, this might be a record for me. When I was a builder / roofer for twenty */“:;#£ years, I frequently thought that I only really go to work to pay for more tools and I was an absolute sucker if I was stuck in a queue at a builders merchant just staring at the latest’’New Stuff’’’. I considered myself lucky if I got out with just a box of a million Stanley knife blades. I still to this day must have a minimum of eight different types of Stanley s in the van and the car and the garage, no there’s more than that :p If I’d been thinking about a tool upgrade when working and there happened to be one on display at the merchants then I was toast, and the tool salesman in the mobile vans would sniff me out like I was Taco Ray. I once bought an electric plane ( great kit) from a mobile tool van, and two weeks later bought the dust bag to go with it then two weeks later bought the tool box to put the plane in but the bag didn’t fit in, I was gutted and waited for him to find me again so I could get the bigger tool box :oops: Still got the plane , Hitachi Wolf copy.:)
    It’s my day off so I’ll be out test driving something or other on the van, I may just surrender to temptation and call in to the tool station or whatever.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,AND,, I’ve been sooooooo good tooo:)
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  14. P.S.,,,,I do like Milwaukee stuff and I’ve got a drill and an impact both cordless :thumbsup:

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,which one shall I get??:)
  15. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    ive got one of those too :)
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  16. It’s not you. I’ve never had any good experiences with those vibrating sanders. Velcro lasts a millisecond...tried various means of alternative attachment - all rubbish.
    Get these and never fret again:
    Each disc lasts ages too. Loads of grades. Not exaggerating when I say i’d have saved myself a months labour if I knew about them sooner!

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  17. If it’s hook and loop, when mine got old I had these issues. Changed the hook plate that the paper grips to and issue solved. You’ll know if this is the case as it would be worse than when you had it new?
  18. To be honest, it’s had very little use as a sander.
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  19. Can’t be that then
  20. Yes, they're great.

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