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  1. Hi this is my first post on this forum (but won't be my last!). I have learned much and thank you all for this excellent resource. I will say hello properly in the appropriate place soon. We are thinking of buying a camper. We know the bus well and it is in good nick and it has been well cared for but it's make up is a little puzzling. It is a 1972 van with 1600 engine but has the high front indicators, tall rear lights and grooved bumpers of the late bay - is this combination unusual?
    Cheers for now, Rob
  2. welcome, I think its the Cross-over year, references here will refer to a crossdresser (in joke), a bit early a bit late, Someone will be along to sort this out. AFIK Early = small rear lights, low indicators on the front, bumper with the curve for the step, cresent shaped engine air intake and a fuel filler cover. Late = big rear lights, high indicators, squareer bumper, squarer air intake and no fuel filler cover.
  3. Hi there. Post a pic if you can but if its late 72 and has a petrol flap its probably kosher. Were good at spotting ringers?
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  4. Thanks it's on a K reg so up to Aug 72 I think. I don't have any pics but I will get some if we decide to go further. If I recall correctly I don't think it has a filler flap.
  5. mines a 72 crosser so we can be confused together
  6. A 72 crosser! All these things to learn! Exciting though. We know the one we are considering well - it looks great, has been well cared for and is sound and reliable with a good history but we will be looking at others too.
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    It sounds a bit funny from what you say. L reg is the earliest late bay 73 model year I have seen. it definitely should have a petrol flap that year too.
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    The full late bay features high indicators, deformation panel, and blade bumpers came in in late Aug 72. and they did a one year only production run of that model, We call it the 73 model year or late crossdresser. The petrol flap was discontinued in Aug 73 and usually indicates a 73 model year late bay. There are other subtle tell tale signs, but we need pics to get all geeky on you! :thumbsup:

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