Quarter light glass removal.

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Mark Darby, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. I've completely dismantled the drivers door now, which was fun. I need to remove the riveted catch from the quarter light to replace it (sane on the nearside) as it's totally seized. Please would somebody give me a clue how to remove the glass from the frame without breaking it?
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    Knock the small roll pin out and save yourself a mornings work ;)
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  3. ^this. The roll pin’s teeny weeny, but it’s there.
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  4. As in no need to remove the rivets?
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    Yes or the glass or indeed the 1/4 light from the van :D
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  6. If you’re just trying to take the catch off, removing the roll pin should be enough (although fiddly).
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  7. I've bought door kits from Schofields including all the rubber bits so I had to take it all apart anyway. Also going to paint the inside of the door. I'll have a look and try the roll pin when I get a mo.
  8. Strongly resist the temptation to take the glass out of the quarterlight. It will end in tears...
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  9. Concur with what everyone else has said, I learned the hard way...and had tears.
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  10. Well I was left with no choice as the casting was broken. I took the glass with its frame on two sides out of the outer frame. I then drilled out the rivets and found you can bend the bottom frame away from the glass just enough to wriggle the catch out. Chuffed with that :)

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  11. Hmm. Will I need to get the glass out to rivet in the new catch? Has anyone done this before?
  12. That was nerve wracking!

    The new catches and rivets arrived from Schofields. Away for the weekend from tomorrow so reassembly will have to wait.
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  13. Ooh, risky! I’d suggest using transparent bath mastic (Polycell used to do little tubes) to glue them back in again.
  14. Good thinking. There wasn't any glue in there but a bit of silicone won't go amiss when I reassemble.
    I had to get the glass out to be able to rivet the new catch in. I just took my time using a bit of wood to tap the frame off the glass.
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  15. My quarter lights were open loads during recent trip around scorchio Europe.

    I only realised the glass wasn't fixed in, when the passenger side glass kept trying to fall out.
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  16. I'll definitely be putting the silicone in then! :D
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  17. I don't think it could actually fall out, but I had to push it back in before I was able to close the quarter light
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