Qualcast Classic 35s with extra scarifier cassette

Discussion in 'Non Late Bay Classifieds' started by Ermintrude, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i saw that.....
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  2. I'll be in touch Sunday evening
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  3. Maybe we should have a show us your mower thread:lol:
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  4. Well, you all seen mine!
  5. Mine's in pieces at work, but rotary 4 wheels adustable height will cut 2ft grass and suck it up, brambles, shrubs, thistles, nettles, the patio crack weeds, the driveway (general weeds and hoovering) no problemo.
    Try that with a cylinder mower!
    Horses for courses of course, slash and burn v cricket square.
    I had a work colleague who was obsessed by his lawn and getting it perfect. It's always these types who get moles peeping up right in the middle. :lol:
  6. That's why I have a rotary and a cylinder mower
    The rotary is great for the first few cuts of the year and when the daffodils die back
  7. I have a Suffolk Super Colt. It's about a million years old and breaksdown at least once every time I cut the postage stamp of a lawn I have.

    It's great.
  8. someone coming round tonight to look at the mower...
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  9. Sold.
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