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  1. Decided to re-paint the caravan today.. It as been on my mine since I bought it :thinking:

    Went to the local DIY store and they had a colour similar to our van on special... Silly I know but I bought it and started to paint ;)

    Washed Puck and de greased it, quick prime and started.. panel at a time..




    Hope the weather holds out for tomorrow, so I can finish her...
  2. i <3 that puck :)!!!!!!! hoping to have one by the proper summer sadly itll be our two tone beetle pulling it to camp this year :p
  3. Honky

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    Looking good Bag boy.
  5. Looked a good job so far. Is it sprayed on or brushed/rollered?

    I love the look of them fully polished.:)
  6. Wow. Yeah, that's not gonna match your bus at all, but the color is outstanding. Is has that salmon pink tone that was so popular in the 60s. It looks like an original vintage paint job. Very nicely done. I can easily envision it being pulled by a 1966 Chrysler New Yorker, top down, husband in a suit and hat, wife in cat-eye glasses and a scarf over her hair. ^-^ I certainly hope you keep the bottom half white! If it were all that color it would just look like a great wadded up Band-Aid. :)
  7. cant sell it now who would want one that colour :thumbsup:
  8. You now need to paint the van to match the puck
  10. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    I decided it looked pants, so I painted it again:))
  11. Those photos don't do it justice,

    Thanks to Dave from M&D for the colour match paint :)
  13. Yes... The stripes are next on my To-Do list... But I don't think vinyl will stick the the contours of the Puck..

    It has bobbly / Planished texture...? so perhaps paint on ???
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  15. I'm afraid your "bobbly" texture might be what they call "o-range peel", first sign of a "pants" paint job. (if I may attempt the local vernacular :) )
    You'll want to sort that out.
    Once it's well dried just block sand it lightly with 800 grit. Then apply one more coat, let dry, block sand with 1000 grit and buff.
    Ah, here. I have a video stashed in here someplace that might help. Hang on,...
    Jackpot, here we are. Have a look at these- How to paint your car with Rustoleum. The right way.

    $50 Rustoleum Car Paint Job

    And a brief read- http://wiki.club8090.co.uk/index.php/Bodywork_and_Glass_Roller_painting

    That'll have your paint looking more respectable in just a day or two and ready for striping.
    That loverly lil Puck looks well worth the effort. :tophat:
  16. Thanks for that info, really good advice,
    But Eriba, in there wisdom made them out if dimpled aluminium in the seventies..
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    I like that ^-^

    will look great with stripes :)

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