WANTED PSG HAVE FUNDS NOW FOR A BAY (shouting in capitals)

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by PSG, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. PSG


    'Yesssssss' fist pump. i hear you cry

    anyway, i am looking for a project. 2k is our budget.

    it can be early or late but needs to be a runner.

    Any advice or seen anything worth a punt? zed @everyone else???

    We did find a t25 today near us but i think it will fall through as we cant get to it this wknd, but if its still available by wednesday when i am next free to look, we may end up going there 1.9diesel if you wanted to know.

    Anyway hope you are all well

  2. Nice to see you are looking again. I wish you luck in finding something.
  3. Hold out for a bay mate. You know you want too
  4. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  5. PSG


    bought that t25 last night. i will put pics up at some point. solid as a rock. loads under budget too.
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  6. PSG Good news.Where did you find it ?
  7. Nice one !
  8. That's a shame, I know where there's a cracker. ;)
  9. that ride in mine convinced you....:thumbsup:

    bon courage...:cool:
  10. PSG


    yo zed you should have said earlier. we might buy a bay too in the next year, sam wants to start a collection lol.
  11. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    funny looking diesel......
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  12. PSG


    it is so solid it is ridiculous. original cills, original everything with regards to bodywork except drivers door. Interior is empty, but two Marmitety front seats are installed. Cab floor is immaculate, cargo floor immaculate, was a non runner but got it back and changed fuel line and filter, topped up the carb and fired up straight away.
  13. PSG


    i didnt know what a DG was and my mate has a 1.9 diesel t25 so i presumed. dont worry i already blundered when i pretended to know it was a diesel when i went to haggle about it being a non runner lol and the owner was like.... errrrrrr no mate. hahaha. still, got £200 off for being a pleb about it.
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  14. I was away and just saw the thread... Plans are afoot after more discussions. He's a mate and I don't want him to rip himself off!
  15. PSG


    no worries mate. i will mail you next time we are looking for a bay. Which is always.
  16. DG is the best petrol engine....:thumbsup:

    check the long tubes underneath for fluid leaks ,also have a feel at the top of the petrol tank ....

    Looks a good project ,get over to 80-90 for more advise...;)
  17. PSG


    cheers mick. long tubes are for what? i have replaced a section of manky fuel pipe etc so got it running nice. defo got a leak on one of the pushrods hopefully just a seal. Need to get a haynes for it.

    Club 80-90 are ignoring my registration attempt, and really frustratingly not replying to my emails for help on the matter so i cant get any help or read much there.
    heres a side pic for you


    this passenger door has a spot of rust in the middle, and a bit on the inner lip at the bottom but the drivers door is immaculate. Sliding door outer handle doesnt do anything we have to open it from inside. Pretty basic stuff so far, might have to do a thread on here, dont know if i want to go elsewhere like 80-90 this feels like my home.

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