Propane Gas Level Gauge

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  1. Propane Gas Level Gauge

    Never run out of gas again. :)

    My bottle of gas is hidden away inside the cupboard. So to check to see if it's near empty I have to physically disconnect it and give it a shake. As for the bottle that's another matter ;)

    Add this to your bottle and you just have a look to see how much is left in. Much easier and less hassle :)

    Just search on eBay :)




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    That's a good idea
  3. £15 excellent ... added to my watch list ... thanks Panties
  4. Looks a good idea this, as opposed to the magnetic one ive heard about
  5. They also act as a decent leak detector too...

    Although I'll be damned if I can locate the leak!!
  6. your zippo will find it mate :thinking:
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  8. I've got one of these, but be careful, on mine theres a little pressure valve button, and if you dont press it, the gas doesnt come out of the bottle.
  9. Is there enough space between the top of a 907 campingaz bottle for it to fit in a westfalia continentals gas bottle locker?
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    How is it going?? I'm a bit dubious of this having seen a friends this weekend that was showing 1/3 full. His bottle has hardly seen any use hence my questioning. He had his propex on for 2 nights and it moved very little. He's using the propane 3.9kg bottle.
  11. My gas ran out last night while boiling the kettle for a Pot Noodle I was well & truly gutted. :)
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    I'd be smiling too if I didn't have to have a pot noodle ;)
  14. I've got one and it showed 1/3rd full but after 1/2 hr use the Propex said I was empty and I was!! Not impressed with the accuracy when using on a small propane cylinder!! Also, not sure what that redpointer is for - I can't move mine, so whether it means 'replace cylinder now' when the black pointer gets to that level, I'm not sure!!
  15. I would expect that the red marker is for you to move to the maximum point when you first connect a brand-new bottle. Then anything below the red mark is a decreasing level of gas until you are completely empty.

  16. That's what I thought but I can't get it to move!! Anyone else had probs with the accuracy of the gauge - mine is being used on a 3.9kg propane cylinder and it only shows about a third full on a new cylinder. Maybe a faulty gauge??
  17. The pressure will vary with temperature, we all know what happens to butane in cold temperatures, you get no pressure. Propane is slightly better but you will have to factor in the ambient temperature. That coupled with the fact that as the liquid boils off and turns to gas as you draw it off the cylinder is going to get colder than the ambient temperature.
    Are the magnetic gauges that show the temperature differential any better? I got one, but its on its first bottle and I haven't run out yet. You have to put it above or below the weld on the tank or it doesn't touch the tank evenly. Even with those I read that you have to be using the gas for a while to see where the line is, I've yet to see a mark on it, dont have a propex and only run the cooker long enough to boil a kettle or cook sausages.
  18. Fair comment Scote. Anyone who can come up with an accurate means of measuring the gas in a small cylinder could make a real killing! I guess most people just trust to luck or carry a spare cylinder just in case - not very practical in a Late Bay though.

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