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  1. I’ve had a couple of interiors sewn up by this company. It’s a really old school approach from a guy and his wife who have been doing it for years. They used to supply to the trade for others to sell on but now also sell to the public. They have specialised in beetles, splits and bays for over 20 years but now also do later vw’s. They work in vinyl/faux leather and have a large selection of colours, stitching and piping. For my bay window they even ordered in a certain green from a colour sample and sold me some extra material as I had some custom bits to do. Less than half the price of TMI etc and their finish can only be described as perfect. The seat covers in my bay have been in for 7 years and seen some abuse with camping, kids and dogs but a quick wipe down and they look as good as they ever did. They made me a custom set for my 68 beetle over 6 months ago and when I came to fit today realised I ordered the wrong back seat style. 1 quick phone call and he is making another seat back and sending before he goes on holiday at the end of the week- that’s customer service for you! He warned me they are taking august off this year as they haven’t had a break in 2 years so you won’t get a response then but they are definitely worth considering. I will upload pics when I get the seats together.

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  3. Just looking to get some old T25 seats covered to try and match my T2 ones. Could you tell me if their covers require the old one removing or do they fit over the top of existing covers ?
  4. I removed the old ones in the bay and the beetle. The piping gets in the way and they don’t look right. Plus I try to reuse the wires from the original seats so need to take the old ones off.
  5. Where abouts are they please
  6. [QUOTE="john8591, post: 1830079, member: 1005
    It’s ok just googled and found it in Huddersfield
  7. Had mine 3 cars done by chris great price , great service. defo would recomment to anyone ! 20200607_145201.jpg
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  8. what a great colour van you have! :)
  9. Thank you its a split bug colour L11 pastel green and pastel white roof .
  10. look left :) same as mine, I believe.
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  11. It would if you scared it with some polish

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