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  1. Powerfest will be back for it's third year at York Raceway from Friday 27th to Monday 30th May[​IMG]

    This is the only dub show in the north with drag strip action (Sunday and Monday only). We also have the usual trappings of live music, traders, caterers etc. Something for all the family!!

    It would be great to see more dubs going down the track in 2016.

    We have heavily discounted tickets for those that buy in advance - these are available from the website at www.powerfest.co.uk .
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    You need to be a sponsor to advertise your wares on here Paul.
    Please contact @hailfrank to arrange, it's as cheap as £20 a year.
  3. You need to be a sponsor to advertise an event? Never had that in the past. Has something changed?
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    Traders have always had to be sponsors on here.
    You're off the hook though as admin have decided that people only using the forum to advertise their shows is different....
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  5. Much appreciated. Cheers.

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