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  1. If I had the readies - they are bit expensive! Believ they are speed controled (apparently you need that!)
  2. By the ime you get up to 40 it's the old bay again with all it's loose steering woes. It was good though. It's owner has to do 20 point manouvres to park it in tiny spaces (London) and loves it.
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  4. Its the manouvering that would be the boon for me. The would be bady builders will be on shortly telling me to man up and overinflate my tyres but I dont park my bus where I would at home. I can drive it into the space but its a tight turn and takes some effort to get it there. Thats not a reason - just an example. Also would mean it might not always have to be me that drives it and it could, more feasibly, become a second car - it isnt now as the Mrs cant drive it even if she needed to!!
  5. There's a running theme through almost every van owning couple's lives that concurs with my own experience. Lady's do not want to drive the bus and any excuse to get out of it. I think they just like to be free to get a bit wobbly and be chauffered about gazing out of the window. :thinking:
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  6. Manouvring with the litesteer brought a smile to my face, it really was very good.
  7. If you were to do this would you go big bucks lite-steer or the cheaper version. Im pretty tempted (even though Ive probably got pllenty of other more pressing issue to attend to)
  8. It's a fight between us who drives. I think Mel was delighted when I put my back out in the US lifting the bog out:rolleyes:
  9. Lucky you, pretty well as soon as I tought my ex to drive she drove off into the sunset with Elvis and never atempted the bus.
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  10. There's no accounting for taste.........;)
  11. Im sorry but thats fluckin funny. - not the event, the notion generally. Dont think she'll ever see Gracelands though!!
  12. At least I managed to confiscate the Beetle and sell that to a good home. Elvis had a pic of the 2 of them sitting in it as his phone screensaver. Funny now, but it hurt at the time.
  13. Not rubbishing whoever is pushing the manual torque control system...as far as I can tell it would have its merits if the majority of driving was confined to urban roads where driving above 40mph was limited. My driving is very much A roads and motorway with little urban so having the auto torque control via a pick up behind the speedo head takes out that twiddling to suit the road.
  14. I know but its anothe 6 to 700 quid!
  15. True but the unit was designed and fabricated as a whole rather than the purchaser having to make up brackets, cut the old shaft and machine the end to a square section to accomodate the new coupling, do a bit ofwelding etc. etc. No quarrel with any one who wishes to treat it as a project and has the kit to do it....its a great idea and reduces the initial cost considerably. :) I just felt happier with a complete unit between the wheel and the coupling on the box so paid accordingly.
    As for the experience of PAS on one of these lumps ... its easy, at first, to momentarily forget its a 30yr old van on the other end of the wheel and throw it about a bit. Parking and slow speed stuff is as they say a doddle, above 35 to 40 the stock feel returns though the transition is not really noticeable as the PAS is already tapering back.
  16. Only had a good look last night, i see the knob set up is £18 if you want to go that way, i will investigate hooking it up to the speedo, as Fritt says this is just a project i fancy playing about with and may well not end up on my Bus, although the missus intends doing the driving
  17. Did once see a set up whereby the speed sensor pick up was via a toothed wheel sandwiched between an inboard CV and its flange, I have the feeling that the big problem was the potential to collect road dirt and so mess up its output signal. As for a speedo pick up I'd be looking in the RS catalogue to see what they do for rotary transducers.
  18. Fellows manage to take a speed signal from a standard bay speedo. I'd guess a gadget to screw between speedo and cable. @baybirmingham has the answer. :thumbsup:
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    They use a different speedo cable with a sensor built in I believe.

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