Power Sausages.

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  1. My bay has no power sausages, but then it has no power which I'm guessing, probably explains it.
    A couple of my other cars do have the sausages of power, and here's a couple of pictures of them.


    A half dozen skinny Chipolatas.


    And four big old, full fat, Jumbo Saveloys

    Both produce about 190 normally aspirated bhp's from two & a half litres, see if you can guess which way is the most fun...

    Come on, don't be shy, let's see your sausages, post them up here for all to see.
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  2. I don't have any power sausages :( :(

    Would you like to see my big pair of 48's instead? ;) :D
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  3. [​IMG]

    Mine has four , and just enough power to stop me getting silly ....

  4. Dubs

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    Yes. Get your 48's out for the lads, and indeed, lasses. :thumbsup:
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    You can achieve a similar look by using pipe lagging tubes placed in a row across the top of pretty much any engine.
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  6. I’ll have to try that

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  7. I'll get my 48's out for the lasses..... :D

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  8. What about steak Manifold ...wrap steak in foil settle it on top or next to manifold .
    Go for a drive and have a succulent steak when you get back no cost in cooking if you intend thedrive any way .
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  9. Dubs

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    Nice. Bet they sound nice at full chat as well.. :D
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  10. Yes, fabulous, sadly not the type of car to go shopping at the local Sainsbury's, which is about as far as I go at the moment. :(
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  11. It doesn't work.
    Power sausages are no-where near hot enough to cook anything. The only thing in the whole book, 'Manifold Destiny' that works reliably is the method of tenderising steak. Although I did manage to cook some braising steak on the exhaust manifolds.

  12. I reckon the 4 banger. Porsche 924 or similar?
  13. Close enough, it's a sixteen valve 944S, where bog all happens until 4,000 rpm and then all hell breaks loose. The six pot Rover 75 is far more refined.
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  14. What sort of man wants a refined sausage? What a man needs is a rampant sausage.
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  15. And a good Cumberland Coil at that .
  16. Dubs

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    Don't get a German sausage, they are the wurst!
  17. I'm a member of a local cycling club, and we are sponsored by a chain of butchers who emblazon our jerseys with 'Goldwurst-Power' - Golden power sausage. I won some in a race last year, very nice they are too. https://www.goldwurst.ch/Goldwurst-Power.htm Even better is the 'hopping sausage'. A large smiling sausage on a big spring that sits outside their shops. You're going to have to imagine this bit, but you can sit on the sausage and bounce up and down, it was a great treat for the children when they were younger. Don't know if this will work, but you can find the 'hopping sausage' on Google maps https://www.google.com/maps/@47.492...V5MoaumI5VS45nRCGhL_!2e10!3e12!7i10000!8i5000
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  18. Better than my sausages, that!
  19. I had a quick look under the hood of my Volvo and as expected there was a total lack of any power sausages:D
  20. power sausages.jpg 8 Bavarian kraftwurst, heavily dressed in the daily/dog carrier/works van; 33.75kW/wurst...

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