FOR SALE Post resto clearout can take to tatton

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  1. 20190802_110219.jpg Westy spice rack £50 sold
    Westy panel/door £30
    Glass £10 each....
    Sliding door (1/4 light type)
    Rear side (1/4 light type)
    Rear side( non 1/4 light)
    Westy roof bunk no canvas £30
    Westy cab bunk no mounts £20 sold
    Rear lights e marked £30 pair sold
    Rear light no e mark £3 each
    Rear smoked £15 pair
    Windscreen seal £25
    Side window seal £15
    Other cab door seals £4 each
    Asst plastic bits £4 each
    Westy headbanger brackets £25
    Reverse sensors £20
    Edge trim( 2.5m + 3m) £5
    Ss 10 inch emblem £25(new)sold
    Plastic vents £10 each
    Early lens £5
    Nla vw westy roof bag £40( new)
    Fibreglass tin ware (paul weeding type) front and rear £90
    Also rear only £30 sold
    Open to offers....location Cheshire
    Can post if wanted
    20190802_105026.jpg bunk( needs body fixings( £20
    Open to offers
    20190802_102149.jpg 20190802_102217.jpg 20190802_102231.jpg
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  2. I will have the front cab bunk please collect from Tatton
  3. 20190802_174634.jpg 20190802_174644.jpg
    Rear tinware
  4. Front engine tin 20190802_191934.jpg
  5. How much for just the rear tinware posted please? Is it for a 1600?

    Thanx Shane
  6. Poptop2

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    Not removing this as it helps show the whole picture now.

    Could the OP please add the PayPal proviso that he is asking people to send money as a gift rather than than the normal way of sending money which gives the buyer cover and the seller pays the PayPal charge.

    The ad can be removed if this isn’t addressed and any future ad too.
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  7. The op isnt asking for paypal as a gift.... if you want to check my PMS
    I asked for fees to be covered or gift as I'd done shane free postage (@£20) and knocked a tenner off to help him out...

    He couldn't be bothered to let me know he wasnt happy and just paid the £80 as good thus incurring fees on my behalf...
    I'm not out to RIP people off but at the end of the day he took the ****

    Money was refunded imnediately
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  8. Baysearcher

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    To be fair, that sounds reasonable!
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  9. Poptop2

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    Yes agreed. This is the trouble with involving third parties in a sale dispute.

    I think this should be resolved mutually between op and buyer. Maybe a refund is the way forward.
  10. I left jobsite yesterday morning and drove home to issue paypal refund.. I'm quite happy to email a copy of said refund to any moderator on this site.
    Resolve it. I've tried to help the man out... its refunded and that's the end of it.
    Vws are supposed to be fun(unless they're broken down
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  11. Thanks
  12. Hi,
    I don’t suppose you have either of the rear side glass windows?

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