Post-purchase rationalization

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zedders, May 22, 2020.

  1. We all do it. I will shortly be convincing myself that it was a good idea to splurge £460 on an exhaust. Hopefully if it doesn't go any better I'll think of some other reasons why it was a good idea.

    One of my favourites is people who buy big valve hot cam 1641 engines for their vans and convince themselves that 70HP (at 5,000rpm) demonstrates unarguably what a great choice was made, even though it must be a dog in a bus and a PITA to drive. :)

    Personal favourite, and you'll mostly disagree I expect, is alloy wheels on an old bread van. Yes the wheels are sexy, yes the van is kool, but have you really looked at them together with an open mind? :D
  2. Fortunately as a Yorkshireman, the price always put me off...and I hope that stock is best....but I've always fancied exhaust came with the bus in 2010 and it certainly wasn't new then, doesn't look any different today ( haven't been in the garage yet, probably fallen off in the night.) So no excuse to change.
    I agree with your comments on alloys, but suppose we all like to be different.
  3. Aw mooch:p
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  4. Why did I buy my wooden steering wheel and silly empi gear stick, should of spent my hard earnt money on carp bait:(
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  5. Fixed :thumbsup:

  6. When I was working it was the same with whole vehicles . I've generally plodded along with thousand pound cars but all the young one's made jokes about them .
    "Buy a new one " they would quip , "you can get them for about £500 a month"
    They spent more than half their wages on a car each month then after a few months they were bored of it and itching to get another ? Whilst I was quite happy with my old banger saving a fortune each month .
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I post-purchase rationalised a lovely bottle of gin last night!
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    Out of curiosity, what zorst will you be purchasing, and what benefits will you be convincing yourself it has over a VS?.
  9. I`m with you on this and have got pretty good at differentiating between NEED and WANT ...

    Did you NEED a new exhaust or just WANT a blingy exhaust ?? :thinking:

    Same as many on here i`ve spunked cash on `frivolities` and now ask myself every time before i hit the "BUY" button - NEED or WANT ??

    Solar power ??
    NEED it to help out with my fridge whilst parked up for a few days.

    Hook up ??
    Would be nice but i spend most nights at quieter venues without electric - WANT - at some point but solar will do for now and see how the battery copes .

    The problem is the massive choice everyone has these days and you can be a cool kid by buying the latest fad easily with the click of a button .

    NEED or WANT ......

  10. I very deliberately live a spartan life so that I can splurge now and again on things I want but don't need. That way I feel I've earned them. Not drinking alcohol pays for all of it if I'm honest. :cool:
    I'll almost certainly scuff the exhaust up and paint the bits you can see, they are far too shiny.
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  11. My stainless ripspeed(?) exhaust qualifies as rationalized, even though it's a bit noisy:rolleyes:
  12. I'm awaiting VS exhaust delivery. :thumbsup:
    I have a stock exhaust at the moment.
    I post-fashion-rationalized that if a 2L could manage at 5500rpm (5,500 x 2 = 11,000), My 2.4 at 4500rpm would be the same (4,583 x 2.4 = 11,000) and that would be ok for me. It almost is but together with the knowledge that it's on it's limits in either scenario...
    The alternative type-4 bus heat exchanger exhaust is a primary length equalising 4:1 header with a proper collector and silencer. About £7-800 and very nice exhaust. These do their thing (pulse from one pot sucks on the next in the collector) on engines with more cam overlap. The more overlap the more use they are.

    It turns out my lower revving stock cam large capacity would be just as happy farting into a bucket put it needs a bigger bucket and the VS is a big volume exhaust. That's a bit unfair, there is a lot of design and thought gone into these exhausts as freer flowing nice sounding replacement to fit into a confined space where the primaries are already short and different lengths. I went for this one.

    If I'd had a mild cam I'd have gone for the tuck away fat tailpipe style which flow a bit more but look a bit OTT when you're going for a reasonably stock look.

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  13. Actually Vintage speed I think
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  14. @zedders yeah its easy to find ways to justify big ticket spends.

    In fact I find big ticket spending easier than some small purchases.

    E.G. I can't bring myself to spend £2.80 on a cup of tea from a coffee shop.
    I always think im making this myself and it would taste far nicer at home in a proper cup (I don't drink coffee).

    Holidays and bus spending is far easier to justify to myself.

    Holidays are an experience, bus spending can be split over loads of years and then cost per year is hardly anything.

    £460/ 15 years = £30.66 per year for your exhaust - my stainless one lasted that long before I sold it on.

    I keep looking at these fancy dometic 'portable' fridges for £700 and wanting to buy one, then thinking that is shed loads of money and my coolbox has done me proud.

    My wheels cost £500 which was shed loads back in the day, but id always liked them from being a youth. Now they have more than doubled in value, so i'm a happy chappy. Wheel cost per year is less than £30 without them even going up in value.
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  15. Fishermen the Spawn :) of satan.

    Obviously no pun intended Bazza:D
  16. Thinking about it most of my rationalization is pre purchase, rather than post purchase.
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  17. I did. There was something very strange going on there and at least one chap in the US had the same problem. Nothing actually broke, we both had approx. 1.5mm thick plates about 40mm across loose inside that were somehow left during manufacture and extra to the exhausts. Whether it was sabotage by a disgruntled employee or genuine cock up, I'm sure it's sorted now but it has delayed the decision.
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  18. What I originally meant for this thread is when you buy the wrong thing but rationalise if afterwards into being the right thing so you feel better. It's human nature!
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  19. I'm orf to get it, the marina office is on part time so I had it delivered to one of our gracious members nearby and it just arrived. :)

    Ta very much @cunny44 :thumbsup:
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