Porth Lago Lyn Penisular

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  1. Well worth a visit, free in the car park overlooking the beach unless the farmer grabs you then £10.
    He has pitches with hook up, water and very basic toilets for £12 In the next field.

    20180414_123034.jpg 20180414_122917.jpg 20180414_122610.jpg 20180414_122904.jpg 20180414_122821.jpg
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  3. Put a chock under your wheel , don’t wanna be rolling off in the night :D looks great I’m sure the farmer gives you a free pitch fa promo thou huh ;)
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  4. Love it there .... that’s my wife’s fav beach
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  5. Back again :thumbsup:

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    Dave ,you should publish a book.

    Dave's cheap places to stay ,Free if you don't get caught
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