Porsche Tombstone Retrim

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Lazy Andy, May 12, 2013.

  1. My MOT is on the back burner til I have seat back in :D
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  2. Thanks for posting this..
    It's a great help as we've been stripping the first of our tombstone seats today ready for Tinworm to play with her new sowing machine. :)
  3. Good luck with it!!

    I don't know if I corrected some of the detail above, bit the centre cap prises out of the adjuster and then the spring clip can be rotated inside.... Rather than my brute force effort in the first post!!

    I keep niggling Nicki to write up the detail properly bit she's too busy.... But if you have any questions just ask!!
  4. :thumbsup: Cheers Lazy Andy.. I managd to prise the center cap out and used a small pencil shaped drift to tap the spring clip round.
    Thanks again and have a very good New Year. :)
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  5. does your wife fancy doing another set
  6. Sorry, many reasons not to.... Looking after this little fella being the primary one!!



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