porsche alloy tyres?

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  1. Hi,

    What's the rule on 'C' rated tyres? I plan to fit so alloys to the bus and I was wondering what tyres people are running with 15inch alloys?
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I've got 185R15C on mine
    They're anything but low profile!
  3. what make are they?
  4. 195/70x15C Pirelli Chrono on mine. They don’t HAVE to be ‘C’ but they MUST have sufficient load rating.
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  5. 195/70/15 Bridgestone Extra load
  6. Conti Vanco2.185 65 R15 92T reinforced tyres on my fuchs
  7. 205/ 65 15c on Merc Penta alloys

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  8. Continental ContiVanContact 100 195/70 R15 on my 15'' steel
  9. I am after some good year eagle vintage racing tyres simply because I like the writing! But I am unsure of loadings etc!

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  10. I've got Hankook Vantra C rated 100/98 load rating 195/70 15 on my Porsche tele dials. Used the same make and model tyre on my 14" steelies with good results :thumbsup:

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