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Discussion in 'Buying a VW Camper' started by Wispy, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. Wispy, I've got a Devon fella, but I reckon the Westfalia is the way to go as it gives you sleeping space up top and living below. Ideal for camping, especially if its raining as you don't have to keep moving stuff about to get the bed in and out. :)
  2. OK, that makes sense. Given my inability to travel light, that sounds like the better option!
  3. Or the Super Viking where you can leave the beds in situ and still have all the headroom :)
  4. We have a Rivieria which goes straight up rather than up at an angle if that makes sense.
    I don't rate their interiors but the roof is far more spacious than a Westy roof.
    Not sure what your budget is but they will all be US imports and will be cheaper than Westys (though Westys do have the best original interior layouts going)
  5. We have a super Viking, easily sleeps four in the roof and you can still keep the headroom downstairs when camping
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  6. Paley is spot on that we all love our buses best so no substitute for having a proper look at different types.

    Bus layout makes a huge difference to how they feel to use and camp in. do you want full or three quarter width bed downstairs, what about storage? Also a captains chair is a nice feature (front passenger seat swivelling so it can face backwards).

    Where about are you anyway as I bet there will be folk on here nearby somewhere.
  7. See what happens when you post something and wait long enough Wispy lol!!
    Now it's upto you :)
  8. This is all really great info thanks guys. I'm amazed you can get 4 in the roof of the Super Viking!

    I'm in Basingstoke, and have been trying to get to some local meets & shows for ages, but always get thwarted by family events or illnesses. I really must break this duck!
  9. Feel free to pop down and have a look if your ever passing through Somerset.... Just off J23 M5
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  10. I'm loving the forum :thumbsup:
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    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    We won't hold that against you.:D
  12. Thank you sir :p
  13. As a general rule - if you want maximum headroom, get a Dormobile (or a hightop :p). If you want maximum bed-space (and I mean BEDS, not hammocks) get a late Westfalia or a Super Viking. Everything else sits somewhere inbetween, and each have their own advantages/disadvantages.
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    i have the front hinged westy and think it's fine for the kids , the one time i slept in it i found it a bit claustrophobic tbh and i am only 5'8" but it is a superb set up otherwise and great for extra headroom as you can leave the bed up with the roof open :thumbsup:
  15. Hi Wispy, we went through the same process as yourself. In my opinion, look at the Devon Moonraker with the full length roof, the Riviera, the Super Viking and the rear hinged Westy. The Devon and Viking will likely be RHD but may suffer more from rust than say a Riviera or Westy that has been imported from a dry country. Getting to a show is an excellent idea as you can only really decide yourself once you have seen the different types. Elemental is on in Rayleigh, Essex tomorrow and there will be plenty to look at there if you could stand the drive over. Other than that, trawl the Internet for vans close to home and go have a look. Doubt you will see 'your' van for several months so you may as well start as soon as you can.
  16. Devon double top gives your miles more space than Any Westy plus it's RHD.
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  17. I ve fitted the all 3 tops ie devon,riviera, westy, and the westy definitely the way to go! Riviera prob the best quality roof but a nightmare to fit and you ll only use for head room,bed space far to low for adults! Westys are easy to fit and good for just head room and for sleeping 2 adults I had a 6ft bed in the top off my westy conversion :) ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365321051.079265.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365321359.785371.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365321452.690661.jpg
  18. [​IMG][​IMG]Heres the bed in the devon double top ,can be 2 child singles or a full width double.

  19. I have a westy which I love could sleep 4 in my van its super comfy up top and loads of head room .

    If I didn't have a westy style I'd be after a super Viking... Loads of room and v cosy x depends just how much room you need I guess... But I'm happy with my westy style x

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