Pop top canvas-which is best?

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by deisedakdak, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Can anyone recommend the best quality, thickest material pop top canvas for my 73 Westy?

  2. No, I bought the cheap one and its been fine, I am tight though.:D:D

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  3. Where did you get your from 3901mick? (couldn't work out how to quote).

    I got one for my 79Westy from NLA a while back, couldn't get it to fit. Too long at the front, too short at the back. That's annoying enough but these websites selling the canvasses don't show us a picture of what the canvas looks like on a van, or are they all the same?

    Going to have yet another one last go at trying to make my canvas fit
  4. I went to a marine auto trimmers and had one made up. Long time ago now, but it was cheaper than the usual suspects.
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  5. Rumours I've heard is that one from Schofields is the one to have :thumbsup:
  6. That’s where I went in the end...
  7. Have you got any pictures of it fitted, if so any chance of posting them up please?
  8. I can take a picture of it still in the box :)
    But I will when I get around to fitting it, no probs!
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    No rush.

    which is fortunate considering you first asked the question nearly two years ago ;)
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  10. But I only bought it last week;)
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  11. I’ve just bought a Schofields one, not fitted yet but looks good quality. I was told that the best ones are from www.vwbusshop.de but they are out of stock of 3 window ones coz of manufacturing problems.
  12. What colour is yours?
  13. Grey
  14. I've just looked at www.vwbusshop.de , they're advertising canvasses 377euro, don't know if you have to buy before they tell you they're out of stock, didn't go that far :)
  15. I’ve a Dormobile pop top and wondered has anyone tried making their own?
    If you’ve a sewing machine it can’t be that difficult surely?
  16. Have you managed to install your canvas? Keen to see what it looks like before shellng out £500 :)
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