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  1. I'm getting ready to take the plunge and get my first bay (a life long dream) and doing a ton of research. I have 2 teenage daughters approaching adult size & weight - and have seen that some pop top beds are designed for 2 adults, some for 2 children. Does anyone have any guidance on which beds can take the weight of 2 adults - do different manufacturers of the different style of pop tops (e.g. Devon vertical, Westy front/rear/side hinged etc.) have different weights? - or is it simply down to the strength of the bed frame & base?
    Any advise appreciated - particularly if you already squeeze 2 adult sized people into the pop top - what do you have?!
    PS It's my intention to hire a van as close as possible to my ideal purchase to test it out for the family. In the warmer months I'd probably use an awning for the kids, but want to be able to squeeze them in up top on the cooler evenings.
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    @Dicky has one that sleeps about 12.
    Can't remember what is is though. Devon something or other.
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    Westy roofs sleep 2 adults comfortably
    The front hinge or rear hinge ones.
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  4. Rear hinge Westy all the way, my wife and I sleep up top, I'm 6'3" and can just about stretch out without my head hanging over the end, the three kids sleep below. :thumbsup:
  5. Devon hammock beds are a no unless said adults are five foot two and weigh six stone
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  6. A Super Viking ...you divot
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  7. Rear hinged Westy :thumbsup::thumbsup: other inferior models are available :)
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  8. This one is for sale locally to me.

    I took the photo as I thought I'd seen someone on here looking for a Viking....but when I checked I could only see some after a Viking roof to put on their existing bus![​IMG]

    I didn't get any photos of the bus
    I can't even remember what colour it is
    It looked good though!
  9. rear hinged westy here - easily sleeps two adults and 2 kids although we have extended the lower bed to be full width to get even more room. looked at lots of options before we purchased. viking has prob the most space up-top (esp super-viking). anything with hammocks (dormobile etc) will only be suitable for little kids i expect.
  10. Rear hinged westy or viking super spacemaker. There are different versions of the latter but it will sleep 4 in the roof. Some have a double at the back of the roof and a single at the front some, just 4 singles.
  11. Brilliant - looks like rear-hinged westy is the way to go (Vikings look huge - but more than my needs!) - now just need to hire one to test out the family. Really loving the helpful world of bay owners - thanks everyone. Went to visit Absolute VW & Creative Coachworks in my travels last week - couldn't believe how helpful they were - both offered to look at photos when I've found what I'm looking for to give me their advice.
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    When we looked for our bus we looked for one that was used for trips, camping, adventures...not a super shine show bus but one we could use.

    Also the person you buy from wants to give you a 'genuine' feel.

    Bought ours from a chap who'd just got too old for it and was sad to see it go.

    Good luck with the search.
    Let the bus choose you as much as you choose it.
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