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  1. 75 Aussie Bay With Sopru Pop Top.

    I put the matching interior ply boards and cushions in today to see how they would look. I didn't think I would ever use the penthouse suite but we've had a baby boy since and I reckon I might get punted up there for the first few trips. Not sure what weight the boards will take but I have other boards I can use with them to make it more solid. Took a few pics through the waterproofed zipped part of the pop top canvas and some from inside.







  2. Looks strong to me, but I'm skinny...
    You're concerned, so...?
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  3. Yeah had a wee rest on it and it seemed strong enough. I did keep most of the weight to the edge tho. There's always the kela to sleep in. :thumbsup:
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    I've never pulled the bed boards along on mine; good to see what it looks like!
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  5. I don't usually keep them in the van. They've been up the loft since I put the interior in. Thought I'd see what they looked like. Are yours fitted in permanently ?
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Yep but they're shorter than yours so there are about 5 boards. I just leave them stacked up at the back of the pop top and use it as a shelf.
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  7. Mines just came with three ply boards so I used them as a template to cut the ply to match my interior and t trimmed the edges. Not sure how much I'll use them but good to have .
  8. I haven't got any with mine, just had some pieces of pine with a fabric tape between them not the best design, what are yours made out of?
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  9. How much can they hold safely do you think :thinking: I fancy the same thing in my Devon
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  10. I sleep upstairs in my T25 ,when the donstairs bed is out I cannot get into cupboardy things and i like the space of a downstairs area and to sort the bed out everyday is a drag ,so i leave the middle seats at home...

    But like you I have the sections of foam (i may as well sleep on the floor)I know you can buy memory foam but would like something a bit thicker and still compact and comes in a roll...

    btw @75swampy that is a really nice space...:hattip:
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  11. @mjones1969 they are 12mm leisure ply from magnum motor homes.im 75kg's

    @womball i gave them a test but I was cautious. I used the last of my ply to make a storage box in the walk through. If I'd thought about it I would have made another bed board and tested it to the max to see what weight it took.
    I have heavier ply to put with it if need be but I don't want to crash through and land on my baby boy :eek:

    @lost-en-france i designed my interior so you can access every cupboard with the bed up or down ;) maticulous measuring & planning. Lessons learned from previous two t25 interiors.

    I did think about using the slats that would be used on a single bed with the strips stapled to them so I could roll them up in transit then lay them on the ply & under the mattress for extra strength.
  12. would you rip mine out and start again ? I just need a easy bed for downstairs ,would prefer to sleep there...
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  13. Never again :D glad I did it but it was a long stressful experience. I made it out of Mdf first then drew lines where the bed would be up and down then made cupboard doors as big as I could around that. I wish I had made two sets at the same time and sold the second one on.

    Bed comes out to where the kitchen unit is and sits over the cupboard door so we can still get into it.
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  14. does anyone on here have evidence of this set up with a devon?

    thinking of doing this instead of the two bunks I have i n at the moment.

  15. image.jpeg image.jpeg
    I put boards up in my Devon
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  17. I have 2 angled rails either side of the van and I slide the boards in place when using as a bed for camping,they just slide out if not needed,I can leave the boards there with the roof down rather than it taking room up in the van when driving yo the campsites,also leave 1 board at the back for putting things on.
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  18. Boards are about 20 inches each
  19. @brucieboy @RM92

    I have exactly as @john8591
    It was on the van when I bought it, in fact one of the reasons I bought it.
    I have slept up there (12.5 stone) no worries.
    Also, with my son (additional 5 stone - lightweight)

    In fact, I sometimes sleep up there when solo camping so I don't need to rearrange downstairs - lazy git!! :).

    As he stated, I leave the boards stacked on top of one another towards the back over the seat. I don't bump my head but only 5'8.5" (don't forget the half).

    Muchos recommended
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  20. I'm seriously thinking about it, is yours a Devon? If so how many boards do you have in place and what thickness as I assume there's some flex to them?

    When driving do you have them in the "bed position" what fixings are your angle brackets held by?

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