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  1. I believe you can get hold of a POI points of interest file for your satnav to locate wild camping locations.
    There is one website out there that allows you to download a file but you do have to be a full member which costs you £15 per year. However all good things are shared and I was wondering if anybody out there had any such files.

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    The points of interest file works so when you are travelling in the area where you are holidaying. You would then decide we should start to look for somewhere to stay over night. At this point you go to your Satnav and navigate to points of interest nearest you. That way everything is nice and simple and the Satnav will take you to exactly to a place where you can stay overnight for free.
    So is there anyone out there that already practice this using a Satnav or am I to in front of myself regards to what can be done but what is not practice as yet ;)
    Or you can just put the longitude and latitude directly into your satellite navigation system :)
  2. I think the wildcamping website uses POI but I never knew what it was DOH!!
  4. I too am a tight wad so I'll wait for you to pay :) You'd love that for your Christmas present you would ;)
  6. I haven't tried this but a quick google brought up this:

  7. Good find my friend. I'll download it and check it out. :)
  8. It says Tom Tom so should work. I'm sure there is more about, let me know what it's like and if you require more/better
  9. even if it is just for Tom Tom. I have a point of interest converter which can make the file compatible to any Satnav on the market. ;)

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