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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by paradox, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. If you bung in a few timber supports may be ok, depends on how dense and compressable the foam is?
  2. i ve just done mine and used 12mm exterior grade ply with foam underlay/insulation from mad mats
    got it from b n q £27 and they cut it to size
    i then got a piece of 1” x 1” silver anodised angle just skimmed it down a bit for the edge on the sliding door
  3. So you used foam instead of a packing piece of wood lowie?

    Where did you buy the edging trim from dude?
  4. yeah thats what he said to do at mad matts
    the angle was from work but they have such things in b n q but i did rip it down to about 18mm to make it a nice tight fit to the floor
  5. ill drag those kip mats i have out and see how they fit then cheers lowie
  8. My floor is 9mm packing stuff and 6mm marine ply. You don't need more otherwise the sliding door lip won't fit over it. Plus the floor you put on top will be a few mm at least, it all adds up.
  9. I've pm ed you para but not sure if it went
  10. Doing mine this weekend - would be doing it right now if it wasn't peeing down - pulling up some scratched laminate and putting down vinyl tiles on top of a new 6mm exterior ply layer.

    The laminate had 9mm MDF under it but no packing; I never noticed any bowing.

    Anyway, it's going to get some packing from me. 9mm looks slightly too much to me though, and 6mm ain't enough. :( However turns out that the scratched old laminate is 7.5mm thick and that looks like it's bob-on. Packing layer sorted for free! :)
  11. I just taped silver bubbly insulation over the corrugated floor, they laid ply sheet on top of it. Pleasantly slightly squishy, and the bubbles don't burst!
  12. The actual dip in the metal is ~6mm so that will be fine. When I lifted my floor it still had the original packing in there in good nick so I just re-used it. It possibly was 6mm new but over time has absorbed moisture etc and is now 9mm.

    Either way, I'm happy with my floor now, no bowing or bouncing and it is as solid as a rock.
  13. My original Devon floor just had a sheet of expanded polystyrene over the corrugated bits, with ply on top.
  14. Right, for what it's worth the measurements I worked from are:

    The recessed bit on the cargo floor is about 150cm x 142cm and then the full width of the cargo bay is 153cm and it's 150cm from bulkhead to start of wheel arch.

    If that makes any sense at all!

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