ply floor lining.

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  1. Hey all,

    First of all i still need to go measure but looking for tips / size / thickness or even measurements on the ply flooring.

    Plan is to stick the bubble insulation down underneath followed by some thin slates as mentioned in this thread:

    Then i was thinking of 9mm ply on top.

    I've also found these measurements around the net.

  2. Insulation I used silver backed foam sleeping mats as used for camping cheep retain heat keeps damp down the type they use to camp out doors I did my whole van in this floor rooflineing all sides door cards used spray glue to attach it then I ply lined the floor have put final floor covering down yet looked yesterday but couldn’t make my mind up
  3. I did a bit of a write up on my recently installed ply floor which may help:
    A restoration for Iris - Ply Floor

    I used Madmatz closed cell foam topped with 9mm ply and the madmatz tiles. If you get a full sheet of ply you can do it in 3 pieces joined together.
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