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  1. Why do water pipes vibrate (makes a loud noise)

    When mum puts various pipes on they then seem to vibrate so assume low pressure issue, but how can that be resolved. It’s only just started doing it. Is it a air lock?
  2. Normal caused by a slow closing valve ie toilet fill valve or a tap
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  3. It does it whilst the water is flowing, turn the tap off and the vibrate stops straight away.

    So toilet not flushed out the bath water on and then the basin hot or cold the noise is there.
  4. What sort of taps are they quarter turn or old fashioned washer type ?
  5. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    It may be due to a cistern filler vibrating and sending it back to rattle un clipped pipes.
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  6. If there is an isolator valve on the toilet turn that off and try the taps again see if there’s any change.
  7. Water hammer. It may be there’s been a slight increase in the incoming water pressure. If you’ve got a poorly supported mains pipe it can hammer. Try backing the stopcock off a bit and see if it stops.
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  9. Funny you mention that as mum said the pressure dropped and when it came back, that’s when it started it. I’ll back the stopcock off a bit and see what happens
  10. I’ve known it happen when New houses are being built in an area and the water pressure is sometimes upped a bit. Or new water mains are fitted downstream of a house and suddenly they get hammer issues.

    the classic one used to be the ball valve in the loft inside the cold water storage tank. Old timers would sometimes tie an old yogurt pot onto it to act as a shock absorber.
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  11. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    or when folk change taps from old styley turn off slowly to quarter turn quick cut off.
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  12. This is why gentlemen having a wee should never shut it off halfway through. The resulting water hammer can cause serious injury.

    Doesn’t seem to affect women, for some strange reason :thinking:
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  13. Don't some of these ceramic taps have a minimum operating pressure i.e. if the pressure is too low (caused by other taps etc on the system being open) they won't close properly and therefore vibrate?
  14. jivedubbin

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    It's water hammer . maybe caused by a loose jumper in the isolating valve or in a tap or float valve , sometimes it can be cured by making sure the isolating valve is fully open..
    In extreme cases replacement of valves ,taps etc is needed or a shock arrestor can be fitted
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  15. This has started happening when our shower is being used, resonates through the house making a right racket. It stops if you turn a cold tap on downstairs.

    Would an increase in pressure in the street also cause it?
  16. Increase in pressure could be it. Need to get to stop cock and turn it down as suggested and see what happens.
  17. Seems when the noise happens this tap drips quite badly, it’s as if you’ve turned the tap on


    Don’t think these are very serviceable so new tap might be easier.
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  18. Turn the isolators off underneath the sink see if it solves the issue first.
  19. It does stop the noise but don’t think isolator valve fully closes so will need to change that as well.
  20. Try removing and cleaning the ceramic discs...
    It stopped mine leaking...:thumbsup:

    a slight build up of scale..
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