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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Day, Nov 15, 2019.

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    Had a leak (in fact 3) the other day.
    Changed this piece in the picture, he said it was 5 different pieces!!!

    While he was here asked him to fix a leaky sink drain in bathroom and one in kitchen.



    Not bad eh![​IMG]

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  2. are you in Sheffield.....:thinking:
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  4. Sixty euros is less than fifty quid?

    Let’s say there’s ten euros of bits. He’s done two hours in your house for £25 an hour less his travel time as well.

    I think almost every garage for example is gonna cost you more than that per hour.

    I’m struggling to see the issue here, unless you are saying you’ve had a result cos he was cheap.

    edit. For some reason the not bad comment isn’t displaying with the rest of the text so I missed it.
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  5. Merlin Cat

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    that’s like Spanish plumbing where there are tons of different size fittings so you have to make up with adapters :)
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  6. jivedubbin

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    Don't forget to take off tax , public liability, van costs ,tool wear and tear
  7. Day

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    I mean I'm very happy with the job and he charged a very low price.
    Smiles all round.
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  8. And France. Put a solar thermal system on a mates roof in the south, took most of the fittings from the Brico depot to rig it up!
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