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  1. So decided to make my 76 Devon into my dream bus and need a few parts

    4” narrowed beam
    Complete set of deluxe trim
    Louvered window
    Front quarter opening windows
    Rear engine inspection hatch and surround cut
    2 bow roofrack
    Drivers seat frame
    Sliding door barrel and key
    Rear boot lid hinge covers

    oooo yer and an Engine
  2. I have an engine inspection hatch, but no surround.
  3. davidoft

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    I have a louvred Westy window,
    sliding door lock barrel and key
    Drivers seat / frame
  4. davidoft

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  5. Cheers dude but would need the surround aswell otherwise it will be a right arse to make look good.
    Thanks for the reply though
    Happy Dubbing
  6. Seat frame no longer needed thanks.
    But barrel key let me know a price including shipping to Newcastle
    The westy window i have messaged someone close to me who has one but if that doesnt come off i’ll let you know.
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  7. You have a PM :)
  8. I've got an engine inspection hatch and surround from a T25 for sale - much larger!

    If you are going to the effort of fitting one, go big.
  9. Hi Pal,
    Whats the damage including postage to Newcastle?
  10. too big to post mate...
  11. Did you manage to find Rear engine inspection hatch and surround cut ? I have one for sale if needed.

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