pilwocket and tiny-pie's big adventure

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  1. So I'm enjoying having pilwocket as company with me in the van... (specially when nobody else wants to play out in the rain).

    He's one hilarious little dude... He told me a joke to break the ice on our first trip out, it waas a bit rude but made me laugh...

    When is a gnome not a gnome?
    *When he has his head up a fairy's skirt, he's a goblin*

    Anyway after that we were best of pals... We decided that we would head out to Hollingworth Lake, so we could see the pretty views and get a Mr Thomas's chippy... All pilwocket's idea of course. He offered to drive but he couldn't see when his feet touched the pedals, so I politely suggested I would drive instead...

    When we got there half of the already minuscule car park was shut off for an outdoor climbing wall and fire engines...so the only option was a side street after driving round for ten minutes looking for a spot...

    I told pilwocket to keep look out and beep the horn should the nasty traffic wardens show... But he got distracted by a lady gnome in a near by garden...

  2. Posted without finishing.... Will continue now... It's a big adventure...
  3. So anyway... Pilwocket let THAT happen... Which wasn't a great start to our adventure... Anyway pilwocket ordered chips and batter bits... uploadfromtaptalk1367162242789.jpg
    He demolished them... Well tried to anyway...
    [​IMG] that's as much as he could manage...
    Then we decided since the lake had not been so kind to us, we headed back to whitworth down to Healey Dell where it was free parking :)

    Even though it was raining pilwocket being the adventurer he is decided we should go for a wander deep into the forest... [​IMG]
    He found a cave to explore...
    Instead of going under the branch he just had to go over... *rolls eyes*
    Did some rock climbing...
    Went paddling his stinky gnome feet in the river...
    He wasn't brave enough to venture into the waterfalls...but tiny-pie had swam here in the past... [​IMG]
    Found a throne made just for pilwocket to sit and admire the kingdom of Healey Dell[​IMG]
    He learnt about the old railway...

    And finally we found our way back to Molly...
    We have had a very nice walk but got soaking... [​IMG]so its time for a bath and snuggle in front of the fire...


    Pilwocket and Tiny-Pie
  4. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Brilliant stiff Tiny, keep up the good work
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  5. Bless, like it! :)
  6. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Freudian slip ^
  7. bernjb56

    bernjb56 Administrator

    I hope he's going halves on the fine - only fair.
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  8. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    Sounds like Paul should pay more attention to you or he'll be out.
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  9. He better had pay half...and he ate all my chips...

    Ahh Paul's already out... Pilwocket's much more fun to be around!
  10. Great pics,i would go half on the fine myself but need a new front tyer am sorry to say :gnome:
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  11. Oh My God .... they actually do bits of batter with the chips? In my local chippy I just feel privileged if I get the odd one or two bits of batter that have got mixed in with the chips from them frying the fish.... I am jealous.
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  12. You can't beat chips with scraps on a rainy day. Great pics Tiny-Pie
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  13. Yep these are batter bits... Yummy...chips and batter bits whilst sat in the camper by the lake was great... Just what I needed after my parking ticket...

    This does technically mean my chips cost me nearly £40!!!! Hahaha...
  14. Glad your looking after him chuck, he enjoyed Notts but thought it a tad cold :eek:
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  15. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Look at this guy! Separated at birth I think, or at least came from a similar mould :)


    Spotted him at a party yesterday.
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  16. a gr8 day out for the likkle fella :)

    :gnome: give him a poke from me for not paying attention...grr
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  17. Ahhh Mark... It was you who had him... You didn't sign his form so had no idea who hid him in my engine bay...

    Haha Silver that has def got to be pilwocket's gnomie...

    And art b I had to let him off because I did nearly lose him down the river because who knew gnomes floated?!
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  18. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Is that a Pie hiding under the chips and batter bits?!!
  19. Haha...



    Trust you....
  20. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Was in minced beef or something more adventurous?!

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