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  1. Ive managed to upload a pic DSC_0790.jpg

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  2. Day


    A very nice pic it is too.
  3. That’s a very nice looking van
    You should be well stoked :)
  4. thats one great looking bus :D
  5. Lovely Bus, SO72? No later, I think looking again.
  6. 1973 with a 1700 type 4 motor

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  7. Lovely, what model is the Westy interior?
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  8. Continental?
    Looks same as mine.
  9. Yes, continental.

    Just needs a new headlining... And an engine rebuild Lol

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  10. Merlin Cat

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  11. That reminds me, have you still got those "Continental" magazines you borrowed from me:p
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  12. Oh, I didn’t realise you wanted them back...
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