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  1. Maybe its the white poptop throwing it out of balance but a dark green roof is going to make an awfully hot bus in summer
  3. Bit "army" for me, but the darker green pic looks good.
    I expect your Mrs would be happier with baby blue and white and a bit less ruggedness.;)
  4. yup the pretty bay wins hands down witht he mrs n eldest daughter
  5. no not baby blue
    I was thinking of a darker blue
  6. Sample pics para ?

    go google some pics of cool coloured cars 8)
  7. A touch darker than this blue

  10. oh lol ok i get you now

    Im thinking red oxide with black bumpers and bullbars and white roof may work
    As its a primer i can always paint over it easy if i dont like it
  11. Red oxide is spirit based so you'll rustoleuming?
  12. Was thinking of using farm oxide

    Its zinc rich and non porus £22 for 5 litres dont think its oil based though so no reaction later if i change my mind
  13. Nato green and rough n tough looking has gone out of the window for the bus so ive a blank canvas now

    Ill save the nato green for the landy resto

    Yellow and jaffa is a no go as those colours attract the most bugs n beasties
  14. here's my two-penneth...

    the white full length roof with always throw darker colours out, drawing the eye to the top and the length of the bus rather than the beautiful profile bays have. this is emphasised further when you take the colour all the way up to the guttering.

    i would go standard white over (below the windows), and then a colour that works with the white. bumpers will *have* to be white to balance out the white top.

    i know baby blues have been poo-pooed but the more pastel (?)/muted tones (older vw colours are v muted and v lovely imho) will blend better with the white, unless you go for a complete contrast and have a black lower half with white top and bumpers (this'll give you more scope to *beef* it up a bit with some bars and shiny boys stuff).

    personally, unless you're going to paint the roof then i think you have to go white over. otherwise it'll always look a bit 'stuck on'.

    how about a nice savannah magnolia (is that the right colour name?) has the right tone and also the look of a service vehicle? that might work all the way to the guttering... pics would help.

  15. The colours vw used in the 60's seem to be much nicer than most 70's colours. More restrained and tasteful IMO.
    Some of my favourites are Beryl green:

    Gulf blue:

    Java Green:

    and my favourite, Coral red:

    Heres the full pre67 list of colour chips:
  16. i love beryl green. it was either that or pampas for my bay (took me ages to decide) in the end i went for pampas... still not sure i made the right decision :/

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