Petronix electronic ignition

Discussion in 'Engine Gearbox' started by hailfrank, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Did this to my bus today... it almost pulled away in second!!

    Good product, my only problem was that the magnetic sleeve needed a little more force than I had first considered necessary!!

    For those not mechanically minded, I've been putting this off for weeks cos I was worried about making a mistake... no need, it's really easy!!
  3. I fitted this too. In about an hour. Including doing the timing. The bus feels smoother and less vibey. Starts quicker too. A very easy mod.
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    Make sure the rubber gromit that goes through the dizzy doesnt foul the advance plate.
    We found a few at Techenders where the timing was all over the shop as the plate was advancing and then fouling the gromit and not returning properly. If it fouls, just cut the bottom off the gromit to leave a clear gap.
  5. The gromett on the one i fitted was shorter on the bottom below the wires than above the wires. I guess you need to make sure the short bit is on the bottom. Or cut it if it isnt.
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    Well mine's on and working but it wasn't straight forward (nothing ever is!)

    Firstly the rotor arm wouldn't go back on fully because the Petronix rotor ring thing doesn't seat far enough down the distributor shaft. Shaving about 7 or 8mm off the bottom of the rotor arm with a grinding wheel sorted that one out, but not exactly ideal!

    Secondly I'd run out of spade connectors on the +ve terminal of coil to fit the red wire. It's a new coil so I fished the old one out of the bin and took a double connector off that, cut it down to make a single contact and added it to the +ve contact.

    So yes it starts more easily and runs smoother so overall well worth doing.
  7. these are a neat bit of kit ant fault them but do yourself a favour stick with a bosch blue coil the petronix coil is poo had 1 on bus lest than 2 weeks and other month and half before blowing up yet my blue coil has been awesome for past 4 years and damn site cheaper and to top it of on 2nd breakdown brought a copy of camper and commercial and there it was the slating of a life time how bad these coils are
  8. Good info guys tempted myself i really HATE points
  9. 2ND best mod Ive done to my bay ,well worth the money.Personally I think that they are so good I've got one for my Bosch 009 as well as my vacuum dizzy, so i have a choice what to run O0 O0
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  11. i agree. made alot of difference pulls away alot smoother, and reckon its slightly better on fuel. highly recommended mod.

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