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  1. Hello VW friends! Who knows anything about petrol lawn mowers? Mine just had a small explosion. What has happened? Anyone shed any light for me?


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  2. Technically speaking, that's knackered :hattip:

    PS sorry, I have no ideas. Well did you really expect a serious answer on here? Especially when you're showing off such a beautiful green and stripy lawn ;)
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  3. That’s the exact same mower that I have just finished refurbing :cool:
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  4. Excellent. Hopefully youre an expert on my problem? .

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  5. I've got an old Atco just like that!

    That looks like the buffer between the crank and the clutches/chain drive. Is it rubber? Maybe something jammed up in the chain case and caused it to be thrown out. Take the side cover off and see if the chains/gears inside move freely. Watch your fingers in the blades.

    Gorgeous lawn, BTW :thumbsup:
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  6. Mowing tent pegs?
  7. Possible, if something jammed the blades with the engine going full blast, it could pop the rubber buffer out. It's the weakest point.
  8. Have any drive dogs snapped off the cog on the crank?
  9. Unless theres a clutch in the box to the side of the engine theres a problem in there, as an engine should have resistance due to compression..

    If there is no clutch then the engine siezed , threw off the conrod after the guts of the mower twisted it to death while still spinning..

    More likely the last screw fell out of the rubber coupler while it was spinning so fast that the vibration cancelled out, then as it slowed down it hit a resonance in the housing of the mower and twisted out of line as the mower body bent.
    You might find that if you open out the bent bits and provide more screws its all there ...
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  10. I hit a tree root on my second outing, jammed the blades, and shattered the drive cog on the cylinder. Easy replacement, but left hand thread if you need to take it off. If it’s the same as mine (1999 year) there are no chains, just drive belts, pulleys and plastic gears.
  11. Mustie1 would have it running by now; flame or no flame :D
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  12. that grass is ridiculous!
    i'm normally at work and tried some gardening while working from home! i have managed to kill the grass put a hole in the fence trash the playhouse and kill two lots of bamboo no where near each other!
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  13. Killing bamboo is a bonus :thumbsup:
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  14. Have you tried turning it off and turning it back on again? :hattip:
  15. I reckon you're right. If you watch my next video, all seems well except the screw attaching to the crankshaft. Somehow it has come loose and everything has parted. Do you agree?

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  16. Looks like a broken woodruff key on the crankshaft. I would imagine that is the source of the problem, rather than the result of another problem.

  17. Easy enough to find another woodruff key on fleaBay. You screws etc may be imperial/unified, rather than metric. Those drive dogs need straightening!
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  18. Thanks Snotty. Yep, just bought a new one from RansomSpares for £1.80 and will straighten those cogs :). Do you reckon that a broken woodruff would basically allow it all to shake loose and explode like this?
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  19. Hard to say. Would've thought you'd have lost drive from the crankshaft, but maybe those screws held it. Stick it all back together, slap the belt on and see if it runs. Should do, I reckon.

    You could take the cog off the crank, see if the engine runs ok.
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