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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kev, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. kev


    well i had a nice day yesterday
    finished a job in dover started the 200 mile drive back to derby
    i went to petrol station and for what reason i dont know but i filled the diesel van up with £120 worth of petrol drove 30 feet and broke down
    rang aa they said it was my fault so it would cost me £212
    i broke down at half 2 they picked me up at half seven back to the garage to get the petrol removed left there at half ten managed to get home for 2 what a great day and £330 lighter in me wallet
    first time in 25 years ive done this ive allways had a diesel work van
  2. Did this last week with my diesel Audi A4. Sounds like I was lucky that it was only two hours from calling the AA to being back on the road.
  3. Lucky they could rectify it, in the good old days of the mechanical diesel injection pump the petrol would have washed the pump and injectors out and killed them all! these modern common rail electronic jobbies can take it fortunately.
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    i did the same thing a few weeks back but spotted it after 14 ltrs , then i topped up the tank with diesel and its been ok since , its that moment when suddenly you know what you have done [​IMG]
  5. If anyone does it again i could flog the mix @50p a litre for you, biodiesel peeps are always after it
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  7. I did it with a rental, but only put about 3 gallon in, got a mate to come out with diesel, got it started and then filled it with diesel, to mix up the petrol, I filled my mates van,, when I was at the garage, as he saved me a fortune,

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