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  1. Morning chaps, I have read on this forum about the potential fire hazard from leaks onto a hot exhaust. Our mate Dave the engineering genius has checked over the engine bay and says Lola has had all new fuel lines and carbs and can see no leaks but when she is used there is a really strong petrol whiff. Is there anything we need to check or be mindful of? Thanks
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  2. What condition is the fuel filler pipe that is hidden behind the firewall - that can perish.

    On top of the tank, behind the firewall again is a couple of breather pipes with small 6mm diameter pipes, they can perish too.
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    And the one that often gets missed up behind the spare wheel well.
  4. And that one! Should have known as Ive just replaced them all on the westy.
  5. Brilliant fellas top tips thank you
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  6. And the 5litre can, under the rear seat...
  7. You get a certain amount of fuel smell if you are running gauze filters. What do you have?

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  8. No smells here, zero. Not from the vents, inside the bus or in the engine bay.

    There are many possible causes and the last and smelliest one for me was fuel leaking through the sender terminals when I brimmed the tank.
  9. Zero fuel smells here as well. You shouldn’t have any.
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  10. Tank fillers leak too.
  11. If you can't smell fuel in a bay you must be one of those Covid types.
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  12. Mines more of a ‘hot oil’ smell, which when mixed with the interior ‘cheap Vinyl’, smell, is quite satisfying, for some strange reason...
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  13. I have had somebody come up to the bus, lean in to the window and get all nostalgic about the smell...
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  14. Sure it wasn’t you Mike ?
    Old Spice ?

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  15. I probably smell the same as the bus at the moment, spending 40 hours a week in it.
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